I’m very pleased to announce that United Exiles is now partnered with TRU Gaming.

TRU Gaming’s SEO reached out to me just after the Launch to offer United Members something very generous!

Firstly he’s providing us with our own private US server which will be ready very shortly.

In addition to this, if you’re interested in starting up your own server and Conan Exiles community; All United Members are receiving a 10% discount on purchases through TRU Gaming!

TRU Gaming is a game and voice server hosting company started by Gamers for Gamers. Their prices are really competitive and server standards are exceptional. You’ll also be able to test these once the United Exiles server is live.

I highly recommend visiting them at https://trugaming.com/

This deal really is just for this community and I’m beyond happy to share it with you Exiles!

If you’re interested, I highly recommend joining to receive more offers like this.

I bid you all well.

Praise Crom!