Greetings Exiles,

I thought it’s best to direct your attention here in case some miss the email!

All members will have received an email with regards to the member community servers. I’ll be working on setting these servers up in the coming days but I need some info from you first, Exiles!

The email contains a survey link with 7 questions on the following:

  • Platform
  • Region
  • Game Type (PvP / PvE)
  • Experience Rate
  • Harvesting Rates
  • Server Wipes

I would really appreciate if you all could take 2 minutes out of your day to answer these. These questions allow me to set up the first set of servers with what the majority wants.

After this, I can then fine tune certain server groups for subsets of members.

If you’re not a member already and would like to take part in the survey, please sign up. I’ll send another email out later today. By then any additional members will have the survey link in the “Welcome Message” you get on joining.

I want to hear everyone in order to make the best decision.

I bid you all well.

Praise Crom,


(Really Critical)