The Tower of Bats is one of the highest points in the desert and part of a Journey Chapter V to climb. Climbing the Tower itself is no means a difficult feat and an easy Journey to complete, however what awaits you at the top is much more menacing.

Where is the Tower of Bats?

tower of bats location

The Tower is located just to the East of the Unnamed City and right above the river as it turns into the Desert. When you reach this area, you really can’t miss it.

It’s important for Exiles to navigate this one because visiting is an important Journey Chapter and also an easy one to complete. Completing Journeys is the fastest way to level up so more than worth while to visit this place.

Climbing it isn’t too much of a difficult feat. Just make sure you start from the side that faces The Cursed Way. There are plenty of rocks, ledges and ancient buildings to take plenty of breaks on, on your way up.

At the top of the Tower of Bats

You may have guessed that climbing the tower was only half of it and there is a pleasant surprise waiting for you at the top.

Make you way up the stairs and get ready for a fight as there is a giant Albino Bat waiting there. Compared with Bats in the Unnamed City he is relatively easy and also a source of albino bat demon’s blood. There is of course, another surprise waiting for you.

The Alter of the Bat

The Alter is at the very top, behind where the Albino Bat was standing. You can open this Alter and it seems like you have to place something there. The Alter of the Bat will take you to the story of the Staff of the Triumvirate.