You hunt for artefacts will take you far and wide across the Exiled Lands. But only this one will take you under it. The Shining Trapezohedron will see you venture into the new Volcano Biome and down into the dungeon. You must fight and kill a Serpent Man to obtain this artefact. Be warned, if you venture here make sure you’re well equipped and over level 50.

What is the The Shining Trapezohedron?

entrance for The Shining Trapezohedron

This is one of 6 artefacts found in the Exiled Lands and these, combined, are required to remove your bracelet. In the case of the Trapezohedron, you will need to enter the dungeon within the Volcano. This is the tall, circular pillar building in the North West of the new area. At the base there is a bright beam of light coming from a vortex at the bottom. Jump down into this vortex to enter the dungeon.

Serpent Men

serpent man

In addition to the Hyborian Fighters trying to kill you, you will have to deal with Serpent Men. Serpent Men are much harder than these fighters and it’s one of these you must kill to akuire the artefact.

The on you’re looking for is at the base of the massive furnace type structure in front of you as you enter. There are several fighters and a serpent man looking towards the furnace. Kill these and harvest the serpent man to get your artefact.

The Shining Trapezhoderon

“It was treasured and placed in its curious box by the crinoid things of Antarctica, salvaged from their ruins by the serpent-men of Valusia…” – The Haunter of the Dark, H.P. Lovecraft

This artefact is spoken of in whispers by the nighted cults of the hyborian age. It is rumored to be a window into all space and time – but with the cost that the user risks baring their soul to powers from the outer far.

The Serpentmen of Valusia were in possession of the object and how they came to be living beneath the volcano in the Exiled Lands is a mystery. Perhaps fleeing their genocide at the hands of the legendary Kull of Atlantis, they made their way to the Exiled Lands where they befriended the Giant-kings through worship of their deity, Set. In return they were allowed to live in the Caldera of the Volcano and build their cities there.

It was, however, too late for the serpent men, a degenerate and dying race, lacking the genetic diversity to continue. They found themselves coupling with snakes and lesser reptiles in hope of preserving their species but as time passed, they lost all hope of survival and instead, preyed for bitter revenge upon the races.

They crafted a staff with their ancient magics and summoned a presence via the trapezohedron, to inhabit the staff and lead the Giant-kings to their downfall.

If they must die, they would take as many with them as possible and most especially, the cursed children of humankind.

This is one of the artefacts required to create the keystone that can be used to remove the slave bracelet.”

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