Some locations in the Exiled Lands have more significance than others. The Passage is just one of these locations. The main reason the passage exists is to connect the Swamp with the Frozen North. Once entering the passage Exiles will have to navigate several rooms to reach the Frozen North Exit. However it’s not a simple journey and guarded by plenty of beasts.

The Passage

inside the passage

The launch has brought new places to explore in the Exiled Lands. The Swamp is just one of these locations, in it you can find the passage. Located in the far North of the Swamp in the Upping Staging Area you will find an unusual cave entrance. The Entrance is a stone carving of the Witch Queens mask, similar to those found in the Temple of the Witch Queen. Walk into it’s mouth and you will gain access to The Passage.

What’s in The Passage?

The first room you walk into is a great cavern. Rocky pillars litter the middle of the room and green glowing Crystal can be found in the far edges. You are not alone in this room as it’s crawling with spiders and also home to a Sand Reaver thats death is required for a Scourgestone Piece.

In the very middle of the first room there is a tall pillar made of brick and stone. At the very top of this is a chest that usually contains gold and silver coins.

Frozen North Entrance

the passage frozen north entrance

On the opposite side of the room where you enter, there is an exit. You must climb the rocks to the top and you’ll gain access to the second chamber. There is a large waterfall directly infront of you and stairs to the right. These stairs lead to the door that grants you access to the frozen north entrance.