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The Dregs – What lurks beneath the Newbie River?

by Will

The Dregs is the first dungeon available to new exiles. It offers Exiles the challenge of a Dungeon very early on but it’s not for the faint hearted at lower levels. The dungeon not only provides Exiles with important recipes but also items and a crucial step for the Staff of the Triumvirate.

Where is and how do you access The Dregs?

the dregs location

It is located in the far West of the Newbie river and and the back of the Skulker’s End camp. A long set of stairs leads you into an ancient monument with a circular turntable on the floor.

As you approach a vision appears giving you a clue how to activate the turntable and gain access to The Dregs. The clue is simple, you must kill a human on whilst standing on the table. Aggro a Darfari from the Skulker’s End and kill him/her on the table.

This will make it rise out of the ground giving access to a spiral staircase leading you down into the darkness.

Welcome to The Dregs.

What is inside The Dregs?

the dregs

The dungeon is the old sewers of the Unnamed City and exactly what you would expect. It combines an underground cave network with ancient architecture to a hair raising experience. You’ll face lizards, skeletons and finally The Dregs boss, Abysmal Remnant.

Dungeon Boss

abysmal remnant boss

Every Exile entering this dungeon  has one goal in mind – To slay this abomination.

It’s sitting in an acid bath and if you fall inside this it could mean instant death depending on your level. Whilst he is sitting in this bath he will spit acid at you. Either dodge out of the way or block the attacks with a shield. You can also use this time to shoot him with arrows.

The real chance to inflict a lot of damage to it is when it tries to jump out and land on you. The Remnant basically beaches himself on the side leaving himself expose to melee attacks. Take advantage of this time as this is when you cause it serious harm.

When it dies the acid pool subsides revealing a red book at the bottom. Jump down and click on this to learn unique recipes including the Reptilian armour.

Don’t forget to harvest him as this is a crucial set for Staff of the Triumvirate.

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