The Black Galleon is the Black Hand “capital” in Conan Exiles. The Black Hand have claimed a rocky outcrop and turned it into what resembles a spectacular pirate ship. Located in the Eastern desert where the river splits in two, it is home to one of the most easily accessible thrall farming locations in the game.

The Importance of The Black Galleon

Thralls, loot and levelling experience are the main reasons why you’d want to visit the Galleon.

Thrall Farming

At the Galleon you have the choice of farming every thrall in the game, Alchemist through to Task Master. Each Priest also has a chance to spawn here making this location very competitive with other players. If that isn’t good enough, most thrall spawns have the chance of being a “named” Level 4 thrall too! Thralls are the at the very heart of the game and being able to farm them easily will put you ahead of the competition.

Thrall Locations Within the Galleon

All worker thralls are located in and on the ship. Don’t expect knocking one out to be easy. There are a number of warrior and archers on the ship where you can get outnumbered quickly! This is especially true at lower levels when the Blank Hand can put up a real fight.


alchemistThe Alchemist is right in the middle of the Galleon and usually having some kind of conversation with the archer thrall. I believe he is the only Thrall spawn without a Level 4 spawn, this could however change in the future.



armorerThere are two Armorers in the Galleon. One is under a roof in the middle of the Galleon before the stairs – this is also home to the Smelter and Blacksmith. The other is above them.



blacksmith and smelterThe same location as the first armorer and also shares this space with the Smelter. This location can sometimes turn into a large skirmish as it aggros all Thralls in the surrounding areas.



carpenter thrallThe Carpenter is at the very bottom of the ship. Follow the stairs down in the bowels of the ship. He/she is usually tinkering with a chest and is the last thrall you come across.



dancer thrallThere are actually 2 dancers and you can find them all on top deck of the Galleon. However be warned, they are in close proximity of the Black hand Captain!



There is one priest spawn at the bowels of the Galleon. This has the chance of being any of the main religion priests; Mitra, Yog and or Set. This priest also has the chance of being an Arch Priest of all three types.



blacksmith and smelterThe Smelter is at the top deck of the Galleon and shares this location with a blacksmith and armorer. I would always take care farming at this location as it’s easy to get swarmed by the surrounding Thralls. Due to the amount of worker thralls in this area of the Galleon specifically you should also expect it to be highly contested.


tanner thrallThe Tanner is up some stairs at the very back of the ship near the prison cages. Of all the Thralls on board I’ve noticed this one seems to Spawn it’s Level 4 counterpart more often than the other Tralls – However this could be coincidence!


taskmaster thrallThe Taskmaster is watching over warrior thralls doing push ups on the top deck of the Galleon. He is located near the Dancer Thralls as well as the Black Hand Captain. As the Taskmaster thrall is near to one of the Galleon entrances it is usually quite easy to lure him away from the ship.

Farming Experience

Fighting your way through the Black Galleon can yield some hearty experience.

Each Level 1 thrall you decapitate will give around 1.2k experience, a level 3 thrall gives you 2.5k experience. There were already a lot of thralls on board the Galleon but since various updated the surrounding areas have been populated with extra camps and thralls. This means more fighting, blood, loot and level gains!


The Black Hand thralls are low-mid level thralls. This means their quality of loot is significantly better than what you get in Darfari camps.

Items can range from bone and fibre to medium armour and iron weapons. In the lucky few occasions you can pick up steel bars from chests or Level 3 thralls.

Black Hand Captain

Black Hand CaptainThe Black Hand Captain is a named fighter thrall which is extremely tough to knock out at lower levels. He or She is equipped with Steel Armour and a Two handed Steel Mace. He/she drops significantly better look that other thralls on board with the chance of Hardened Steel Bars!

In Summary

The Black Galleon is a metropolis of activity in the starter region of the game. Due to its importance you can expect this area to be highly contested among other players at most points in the game.

The area is prime for levelling, looting and farming thralls between levels 15-40 where after this you should look towards the Frozen North.

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