The Tears of Two Races is likely one of the final artefacts an Exile is to come across. You must face and kill the Kinsourge located deep inside the Black Keep. Once slain, harvest his body to acquire the Tears of Two Races. This is one of 6 artefacts required to remove your bracelet.

The Black Keep

In the heart of the Frozen North at the base of the Volcano, you’ll come across the Ruins of Xullan. These ruins are connected to the Grassland of the North by a bridge called Bridge of the Betrayer.

Within these ruins is the Black Keep. You will need to climb the stairs to the very top in order to gain access.

Once inside you must navigate a maze of rooms and tunnels before reaching the main chamber which sits the Kinsourge.


The Kinsourge might not have the sizable HP pool of the Undead Dragon but hits really hard. A patient Exile with plenty of Ambrosia could tackle this boss but it’s always encouraged to bring a friend.

He has several attacks and combinations in his arsenal. The main two you’d need to watch out for are his cone projectile sword attack and the AOE knock back.

Tear of Two Races

tears of two races“Tears rolled from the sightless eyes, and Conan’s gaze strayed to the limbs stretched on the marble couch. And he knew the monster would not rise to attack him. He knew the marks of the rack, and the searing brand of the flame, and tough-souled as he was, he stood aghast at the ruined deformities which his reason told him and had once been limbs as comely as his own. And suddenly all fear and repulsion went from him to be relaxed by a great pity. – The Tower of the Elephant

Long- This single tear, shed by Tyros the Deathbringer is an object of immense power. Tyros, was the half-blood child of the Priestking and an unknown human slave. Whether his birth was natural or aided by sorcery, is not known, but it is know that Tyros has children of his own with his wife, Telith.

Tyros was raised a gladiator, fighting in the arena for the benefit of the Giant-kings, but when war broke out with Lemurians, he became a leader in their armies. Through great feats of strength and will, he won the outpost of Xullan from the Lemurian army. Just south of there, he met Telith, a daughter of Lemuria, and everything changed…

This is one of the artefacts required to create the keystone that can be used to remove the slave bracelet.”

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