Tips for Solo Players

If you’re like me, you play Solo. Whether it’s due to lack of friends or just the need to be in complete control – you want to single handedly dominate your server.

Without a doubt it’s possible to be a serious threat as a Solo player. The only downside is you need to be meticulous in your planning and as secretive and cunning as possible.

Below are several ways you can improve your suitability and longevity whilst playing on any server.

Create your Clan before you start Building

Creating a clan gives you an added layer of secrecy, security and shouldn’t just be used for groups. If you’re not in a clan, all your building parts are named after your characters name. Once you create the clan they are then named after that.

If you’re vocal in local and make an enemy; it’s incredibly easy for them to then track you down – Your front door literally has your name on it. So create a clan with a different name to your characters and you’ll survive a little longer.

Have several Ideal Starting Locations

Take a look at the Conan Exiles Map and figure out an area where you have everything relatively close by. It’s always tempting to live on the outskirts away from everyone feeling like the ultimate survival ninja. But in almost every case you will grow tired of the constant travelling.

You need water, iron, coal and thralls first and foremost. Having good access to these will make everything easier.

If you’re starting on a fresh server having several starting locations with basic but essential resources will already put you ahead of the competition.

Build an inconspicuous Base

If you plan on surviving long term as a solo exile, an efficient base is probably the most single important possession you can have.

When I say efficient I mean fitting as much into a small space as you can. I personally use a 3x3x2 format for the inside portion. This allows me to fit 4 furnaces, 2 blacksmith benches, 2 cauldrons, 3 fluid press, 1 tannery and an armorers bench. This is all comfortably inside and I only have to look around to select each workbench individually.

Also, importantly, the smaller your base is, the less attractive it looks to raid.

Having a smaller base also saves you a lot of time and resources. Time and resources which can now be invested in leveling up and farming offensive materials like Fire Orbs, Tar Orbs, and Demon Fire etc.

Speed through levels 1-19

The single most important thing you can do is get to level 20 as fast as you can and start crafting Stone Brick building pieces.

Stone Brick is the first real line of defense against any opportunists so it’s important to get this quickly. Otherwise face getting repeatedly raided by someone bored with Steel weapons.

I have a specific leveling guide but in general, get to a suitable place for a base and lay something down really basic. 3x2x1 would be enough to fit one of each main workbench. Grab a bow and go hunt spiders until you’re 20.

Once you hit 20, lay the stone brick foundations and walls until you have a solid building. Then go back to the spiders to grind until 30, make steel tools and then you can start working on stockpiling materials and explosives.

Avoid Server Politics and Arguments

There is no greater or rewarding target than someone or a group of people who regularly use chat. Raiding people who are openly whining or ranting can be some of the most satisfying things to do in Conan Exiles.

On the flip side being that helpful character can, again, land you in hot water.

You might get a fuzzy feeling helping others as a knowledgeable player. But when people figure out you know a thing or two, you’re a target. When I see someone who knows their Conan Exiles I’ll assume they’re loaded. In most instances they are and I leave their base with some decent loot.

Especially as a solo player my best advice is to stay away from chat unless looking for a fight.

Build a Safe-House

Once you’re established in your main base you need to branch off and spread your wealth. Building different outposts and safe-houses can really minimise the damage a raid would usually cause you. I’ve written a whole article on it here.

Know thy Neighbor

It’s worth while scouting the whole map occasionally and making note of the names on bases near you. Use the in game Conan Exiles map to create your own landmarks for where you discover bases and name them appropriately.

If someone decides to get aggressive you can respond in kind because now you know where they live.

These are only some of the tips I feel is helpful as a solo player and more will slowly get added.