Star of the Champion – A key Artefact for Removing the Bracelet

How to get the Star of the Champion?

I’m on a hunt for anything new or interesting, the buzz of launch still firming embedding within me. I decided to go through a few old places to see if they’ve added anything. I’m exploring the Sinkhole located in the Desert gathering Grey Lotus Flowers. Whilst I’m there I Admin Karate Chopped the Undead Dragon in face to harvest him. Just to see if anything new was added.

To my surprise it dropped something I’ve not seen before, the Star of the Champion. It reads:

“So you could steal from him the only thing he would never give you — the ring with the jewel men call the Star of Khorala — the star stolen from the queen Ophir, who would pay a roomful of gold for its return. He would not give it to you willingly, because he knew that it holds a magic which, when properly controlled, will enslave the hearts of any of the opposite sex. – Shadows in Zamboula

The Star of the Champion is a gem of unsurpassed beauty – glowing with a white light that sets the world to shimmering.

Once, in the ancient past, it was awared to Tyros the Deathbringer for becoming the champion of the Giant-kings arena.

In his final battle, he was to fight the mightiest dragon created by the Giant-kings, a magnificent creature of enormous stature. Tyros defeated the beast but in his victory, he saw the death of something noble and he wept. He pinned the Star of the Champion to the corpse of the creature – and the might(sp) beast was buried right there, beneath the sands of the arena.

Later, when Tyros was cursed with immortality, the dragon inherited the curse and rose again to stalk the arena.

This is one of the artefacts required to create the keystone that can be used to remove the slave bracelet.”

The last line of the text is the most interesting!

What does this mean for Exiles? Can we actually remove the Bracelet without instant death?

I don’t think this can add any more sense of mystery to the already deeply amazing game. My imagination is swirling for what this could mean for true end game.

More information will be added on artefacts once available!

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  • Thanks for this one! πŸ™‚ I have collected 3 other artifacts for the removal of the bracelet, but was not aware of this one!

    Will give the dragon a fight soon πŸ™‚

  • Mask of the Witch Queen and Key to Razma’s Quarters (the key is not needed directly to unlock the bracelet i think, but u get the key together with the mask and will give you access to Razma and talk to her.

    Third artefact is the Shining Trapezohedron.

    Then u need to collect some things and sell to the Sandstorm Maniac. So far i have gotten one of the things needed.

    • I got a feeling any additional content will require an exile to have removed the bracelet in order to access it. Totally new map etc. *Rubs hands in glee*

  • I have one third of the scourgestone, mask of the witch queen, and the key to Razma’s quarters. I discovered the highlands dungeon, but I’m unsure how to open it (blood or demon blood maybe? Based on the interactable at the front). The last scourgestone fragment is in a cave/dungeon in the desert, if I listened to the maniac correctly.

    • Hmm.. i have one third as well, got that one from a “captain”

      Think i need to go visit the Maniac once more and pay attention to what he says, all the time. lol

  • Trying to locate shining trapezohedron at the moment can’t find well of skeletos for the life of me!

    • If i remember correctly i got the Shining Trapezohedron fighting the boss in the Vulcano, The boss guarding the recipe for Obsidian weapons

  • BTW when you finish the whole thing and remove your bracelet, it deletes your character and you escape the Exiled Lands! (NO JOKE) 😐

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