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Staff of the Triumvirate – Your personal guide in the Exiled Lands

by Will
awakening Staff of the Triumvirate

The Staff of the Triumvirate is an item gained from killing and harvesting the Dregs’ abomination, the Abysmal Remnant. This staff is a significantly important item for any Exile as when you “Awaken” it, it becomes a helpful guide.

How to get the Staff of the Triumvirate?

You get the staff by killing the Abysmal Remnant at the very end of The Dregs dungeon. This is located in the very South West where the newbie river ends. Navigate the underground cavern until you reach the boss and kill him.

After harvesting the body you will be in possession of the Staff.

staff of the triumvirate“This staff, found in the acid pit alongside the Abysmal Remnant, is marked with an ancient language. The first runs along the length of the staff in glowing runes, whereas the second is carved rudely over the top of the first script, obscuring pieces of it.

While unintelligible at first glance, beneath the glow of the bracelet, the runes shape themselves into a recognisable script that reads:

“A gift from the …B… give us advice …E… and allow us to control the …T… must be brought …R… The Tower of the Bat where …A… placed on the alter …Y… awakened to share with us …E… only awakened by …R… and their blood”

Reading the script is one thing understanding what it means is something else entirely.”¬†

What the description is telling us is we need to make our way to the Tower of Bats, place the staff in the Alter of the Bats with Albino Bat Blood. This will awaken the staff and allow the spirit inside to speak.

Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate

Find you way to the Tower of Bats and climb to the top. At the top you’ll face an Albino Demon Bat which you must kill, at lower levels he’s a very tough fight so take care.

Once dead, harvest his body to get the Albino Bat Blood and proceed to the Alter of the Bat.

Open the Alter and place the Staff a long with the Bats Blood and watch the magic show. A portal will open in front of you and the Alter will rise out of the ground. Once finished the Alter will fall back into the ground and you will be able to take the staff. This has now become The Awakened Staff of the Triumvirate.

Place the staff on the ground (Like you would with a Thrall) and you can speak to it. The staff is possessed by a Demon that used to serve the Priest King. He will tell you his story but also guide your way through the Exiled Lands providing Tips and Lore on important parts of Conan Exiles. You can put this in your home and will be a handy object to have if you’re ever feeling stuck.


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