Sinners Refuge is a cave that’s been taken over by Cimmerian Exiles. What’s important about this location is it’s the first, and easiest source of brimstone in the game. Second to this, it is also a source of Dancer Thralls and a Mitra Priest.

What’s in the Sinners Refuge?

There are three main reasons people want to visit the Sinners Refuge and each are also a reason why this cave can become highly contested.


The Sinners Refuge was featured in my article as a source of Brimstone. Brimstone is an extremely important material because it is a key ingredient when making steel. There are of course other sources of Brimstone in the game but the reason it’s attractive to get it in the Sinners Refuge is because it’s easy.

The Thralls in the cave are the lowest level and easily taken care of with stone weapons, at higher levels you won’t even notice they were there. You will be able to leave the cave with around 200-300 units of brimstone.


At the back of the Sinners Refuge you will find, not one, but two dancers. Dancers are important in Conan Exiles because they provide a health regeneration buff as well as removing corruption. As far as capturing dancers go, these two in this cave are of the easiest to get.

Mitra Priest

In the same room as the dancers, you’ll see the priest at the very back of the room. This priest is again, very easy to get due to the simplicity of the cave. This priest is also one of the first you will come across in the Exiled lands.

In Summary

The Sinners Refuge is an important starting location for the reasons above. Brimstone, Dancers and a Priest are all needed for any budding Exile to progress onto the middle tier of the game. Because of its importance, you should expect other Exiles farming the cave in the early game.

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