In the heart of the desert a travelled Exile will likely stumble upon The Sinkhole. This is a vast crater in the sand and within it, a circular Ancient structure is built. The Sinkhole is essentially the Arena but after years of war and age the desert has consumed it. It is plagued by the undead, fallen Gladiators made to fight for the Giant-Kings entertainment. There is also, an undead dragon at its heart.

The Arena

The Arena is the entrance to The Sinkhole and is located to the East at the base of the river. There are two entrances to the arena, the central one will lead you to a Snake World Boss the other will be a set of stairs. This is what leads you to the base of The Sinkhole.

The Sinkhole

sinkhole chests

The Sinkhole is where you’ll find the majority of wealth at this location. Battle the skeletons and if you’re either brave and or stupid enough, face the undead dragon. On the opposite side of where you entered the hole there is another set of stairs leading you to the upper floors. Here you will find plenty of loot chests

Grey Lotus Flowers

In these loot chests are scattered at the bottom and on the upper levels of the sinkhole. They are the only source of Grey Lotus Flowers and seeds, these are used to create the the Grey Lotus Potion. This gives you the benefits of +3 Strength and Grit for 30 minutes.

Undead Dragon

undead dragon boss

This creature is found wondering the base of The Sinkhole. The dragons immortality is due to a curse it has acquired by having the Star of the Champion. The Star of the Champion is one of 6 artefacts in Conan Exiles that is needed to remove your bracelet.

The dragon is one, if not the, most hardest creature to fight in the game so bring several friends.

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