Unusual Base Locations for New Players

You don’t have to build your home out in the open. In Conan Exiles you can really think outside the box when it comes to base location. There are countless areas where you can lay your first foundations under the very noses of your enemies.

These range from building in caves to building within existing structures left by the Ancients. Take a look at the map below.

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Base Location Map

This is interactive. Move the map around and click on the tool tips to find out more. There’s more information further down in this article.


Best Base Locations in Conan Exiles

Below The Cursed Way

base location

This locations is a great starting one. Located at the base of The Cursed Way structure, you need to climb over rocks to access it. What’s good about this location is that no one thinks to check to see if a base is there. It’s also out of the way from all natural roads and paths and line of sight to the building area is blocked by rock formations.

The Desert Cave

best base location

The Desert Cave has been popular for a while but still overlooked on some servers. Whilst the location is prime for a hidden base it’s a little far away from Iron. You can build anywhere within this cave but the best location is up on the ledge.

best base location

The River Cave

The River Cave is a very competitive location. Not because the building space within it is huge but It has almost everything around your location to support a well established clan. Ironstone, brimstone, and more importantly – The Pirate Ship which has each thrall type and Level 4 thralls also spawn there.

The Southern Aqueduct

The Southern Aqueduct has two main building areas. The West part has a really cosy looking room whilst the central part has a large room but also access to the very top. The top of this structure has huge amounts of flat space ideal for building.

(South) Ruins of Old Nebthu

South of the Ruins is another building left by the Ancients. Within the structure is enough room for a very cosy base and close by is a thrall camp and plenty of resources.

best base location

Deserter’s Gutter

best base location

This location is a very large space with huge potential to create a strong base. It’s just on the edge of the Frozen North which means you have access to the many resources available. There is a thrall camp to the east as well as a priest spawn not too far away. The only slight issue with this space is there are some holes that need plugging in the structure around. Once done, you’ll have a water tight defence.

best base location

Westwatch Keep – No Longer Available (Funcom filled it in)

best base location

This was made unavailable at launch, but it brings me good memories so I’m keeping it here 🙂 .This is a personal favourite of mine and location below this statue. Before the North, the green wall would cut right through this area so you had to be careful with your building. Since they added the North, the green wall is no longer there but a ghost now dies to what once was the wall – I think it’s a nice touch. In addition to this little gaff, the location is solid and entrance is small which means it’s even easier to secure. It’s close it almost everything you need and perfect for solo players or small groups. Also they’ve added two chests to this location.

best base location

East of the Great Dam

best base location

This location is becoming quite popular for many reasons. It’s very easy to block the entrance. It’s located in the North and therefore resources are plentiful. Close to one of the main thrall camps. Finally the inside area is massive and you can build some serious defensive structures within.

The Mountain Caves

best base location

This cave network has 3 entrances, if you are able to block them all off the whole underground network is yours. There is plenty of space and you have the bonus of being very close to several thrall camps. This building space can be heavily contested on PVP servers so be quick to lay the first foundations or be prepared to fight.

best base location

Highland Cave

best base location

Finally we come to the Highland Cave. It’s a small cave but perfect for solo players wanting to make a name for themselves in the Frozen North. If you’re smart, you can fit almost everything you need inside. The bonus about this location is it’s only a short walk away from the main Thrall camp in the north.

best base location

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