In the world of Scum having a place to respawn to is a lifesaver. Especially if you consider the current state of the game and how easy it is to die. This applies to team players and solo players alike, making a camp should be the first thing you do when you start on a server.

How to make your first Scum base?

There is plenty of talk about the ability of making The Forest style wooden fortress’  in scum. However, for now we need to make do with the simple camp.

This simple camp will become a significant time saver and will also allow you to become more centralised. It’s a relatively straight forward process but first, it requires you to find a place to call home.

I would recommend setting up camp relatively close or around a 5-10 minute run from a loot zone. Too close will mean it’s more likely someone will stumble across your base.

Build in the dense forest and shrubbery to try and get as much concealment as possible. Once you know roughly where to build you need to start gathering materials.

Build a Stone Axe

Chopping Trees base building

Pick up four rocks, make a stone knife and a small stone axe head. Now we need to gather rag strips to create improvised rope. The easiest way to do this is to fight and kill a couple of zombies.

Killing zombies, even just punching them, isn’t too difficult as long as you say away from their reach. With the knife, cut their clothes into rags and then cut the rags into rag strips to make the rope. Do this until you have 3 improvised ropes. The extra ropes will be used to make your shelter and storage box.

Find a bush and cut it down with your knife this will provide the final ingredient, a long wooden stick. Now you can make your axe.

Building your base

Find a nice cosy spot in a forest and chop down a tree, you’re wanting to gather 10 large wooden sticks, 6 small wooden sticks. Once you have these you can create a shelter.

The final thing to do is to chop the logs into planks, 8 plants and your last improvised rope will create the wooden box. Now you have a cosy spawn and storage location.

simple base