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Eating Food in Scum – Bear steak to Poop – Everything about Digestion

by Will

In most, if not all survival games, we need to eat and drink to stay alive – Scum takes this to a whole new level. Rather than getting instant food recovery by eating and drinking, Scum replicates what happens in real life surprisingly well.

From Stomach to Colon

In Scum, there are 4 stages to your digestion and only one, Intestines, provides you with the benefits you’re looking for. It’s not an instant process and requires a little time to fully digest a meal. So, what happens when you eat your juicy bear steak?

Solids and Liquids

When you eat or drink, you can see the food type in the metabolism window. This shows the solid / liquid breakdown of the food you’ve just eaten. Orange represents the solid portion of your meal while blue represents the liquid.

From this you can get a rough idea of what your food is going to give you. If you’re after calories, ovoid things like watermelons but favour meat and vice versa.


When you eat or drink, the food goes straight into your stomach and needs to be broken down before entering your intestines. When the food or drink is in your stomach you gain no benefits from this, only until it slowly passes into the intestines do you see this.


After eating a meal, eventually, it will slow start to enter the intestines. This is where you can see your calorie balance increase a long with any vitamins and minerals this food or drink has. Following on from the intestines the waist will fill either the bladder or colon.


The portion of your meal that is liquid will build up in your bladder until you pee. This happens as the food is digested.


This is where the solids of your meal are stored before you go for a poop. If you forget to poop regularly your character will poop for you – No matter what situation you’re in, even fighting mechs.

Problems with Digestion

There are a few things you need to be aware of when eating and drink. These are the quantity of and type of food you consume. The side effects can be significant so make sure you stay on top of what goes into your gut.


Vomiting occurs when you fill the stomach past it’s capacity or eat something that doesn’t agree. Each additional percentage beyond 100% will have an increased chance of puking your guts up. Vomiting is bad because you loose the majority of your stomach contents and any precious calories and nutrients with it.

Explosive Diarrhea

Similarly to force feeding yourself, if your intestinal volume exceeds 100% there is no where else it can go, but out. If you give yourself too much to eat and drink your rear end will pay the price.

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