Scum really takes survival to a whole new level and the metabolism window speaks volumes to its complexity. Aside from the Mineral, Vitamin and Macro nutrient (Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats) requirements we have energy expenditure or Calorie Balance.

What is Calorie Balance?

Your characters calorie balance is the balance of energy going into your character and being expended by your character. Walking, running, sprinting, jumping and fighting all expend calories so you’ll see your calorie balance decrease.

On the other hand, eating and drinking provides your character with calories which in turn increases your calorie balance.

If you’re someone who likes to sprint, jump and fight a lot you will need to consume a lot of food to keep a positive balance. Equally if you’re someone who likes to walk around and pick mushrooms you’ll require less food to keep in a positive calorie balance.

What happens if you’re in a negative Calorie Balance?

Being in negative calorie balance has a direct effect on your energy levels which effect hp regen and stamina.

Once out of energy you will enter starvation. If you stay in starvation long enough it will slowly kill you. There are 5 levels of starvation with Level 0 being the first and Level 4 being the last and most severe. The only way to get out of starvation is to, of course, eat!

So, if you’ve put yourself in a negative -2000 calorie balance you will have to eat over 2000 worth of calories to start reaping the benefits of being full again.

Calorie Consumption

high calorie food and drink

This is a great indicator of how many calories you should be eating. Body and gear weight has a direct effect on this stat. If you’re overweight carrying military gear full of metal scrap your required calories per hour will be much more than someone underweight in a prison suit.

Running, walking jogging sprinting and jumping increases this further. You can test this yourself, look at the difference between walking and sprinting around a jump of 1200 calories an hour.

The most consuming calorie activity is sprinting. If you’re not careful it can put you in a severe calorie deficit even over a relatively short distance.

The Most Calorie Rich Foods in Scum?

It’s no surprise that animal fats, butter, vodka, whisky and soda are extremely calorie dense. Unfortunately there is a trade off with side effects including vomiting, explosive diarrhea and even death! Better stick to managing your calories the old fashioned way with a balanced diet!