As the game is still very new, there isn’t a console as such. However administrators can still use commands VIA the chat box. Open the chat box and if you wish to use a command start with a hashtag followed by the command.

For example, if I wanted to spawn myself an AK-47 I would use the command in chat:

#spawnitem AK-47 1

This will spawn an AK-47 into my inventory.

You must be selected as an administrator to use these commands. To do this, log into your server hosts platform and add your Steam ID to the admin panel.

Scum Admin Commands

Admin CommandValueDescriptionExample
#SetTime0000-2399Sets the time on the server#settime 1600
#ListN/AShows you all admincommands#List
#ListPlayersN/ALists the current players with Steam64ID, Steam names and character names#ListPlayers
#Kick SteamID, SteamName or CharacterNameKick a specific player from your server#Kick thefishbeef
#Ban SteamID, SteamName or CharacterNamePermanently ban a specific player from your server#Ban thefishbeef
#Location SteamID, SteamName or CharacterNameReturns the position of the selected player#Location thefishbeef
#listAssetsItem name i.e StoneDisplays a list of items using your search query. In this instance it will display all items with Stone in the name.#listassets stone
#spawnItemItem name (from below item list) followed by amountSpawn a special item. Asset is the item name. Z.b #spawnItem banana 3 -> You get 3 bananas#spawnitem Working_Boots 1
#spawnCharactercharacter name (from below item list) followed by amountSpawn select number of characters or animals infront of you#spawncharacter bear 1
#TeleportX, Y, ZYou are teleported to the location of coordinates provided#teleport 13135,-132156,125848
#TeleportToPlayer SteamID, SteamName or CharacterNameTeleport to the targeted player#teleporttoplayer thefishbeef
#SetFamePointsFame Value followed by CharacterNameSets the fame points of the specified player to the given value#SetFamePoints 100 thefishbeef

Scum Item Commands and Names

Scum NPC Commands