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Religion Trainers and their Locations

by Will
Yimr Religion

One of the most frequent and important questions asked by new players is; Where are the religion trainers? Religion trainers are some of the most important NPCs in the game due to the power religions have. In this article you’ll find each of their locations.

Religion Trainer Map

Yog – Nunu The Cannibal

The trainer for the Yog religion couldn’t be easier to find. Nunu The Cannibal is located in the starting area at the far west of the River. He is wandering in the area with a Yog Shrine.

yog religion trainer locationyog religion trainer location

Set – Mek Kamoses

Further afield Mek-Kamoses teaches you the Set religion.  Mek is at the top of Mek-Kamoses’ Spire (of all places) in the central part of the desert. A word of warning though, his location is swarming with Widow Spiders.

set religion trainer location

set religion trainer location

Mitra – Muriela The Artisan

Muriela is found to the south west of the Osasis, north in the desert. She is guarded by archers which are easily dispatched.

mitra religion trainer locationMitra religion trainer

Ymir – The Outcast

Last but not least, and the newest addition to the Conan Exiles universe is The Outcast. Located in the heart of the North the outcast is at a camp at the top of a mountain. He teaches your the Ymir religion.

ymir religion trainer locationYimr Religion trainer

Derketo – Yakira

The last and final priest that has been added with the launch today is Yakira who teaches you the Derketo Religion. She can be found in the Far east in the Swamp Biome.

Yakira Derketo Priest

Derketo religion trainer location

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