Raiding is the most enjoyable, exciting and devious part of Conan Exiles. Whether you’re starting a war, avenging a friend or provoking a foe – There is never a better feeling than breaking down the walls of their beloved home. The conventional way of raiding, using Explosive Jars and or Demon Fire Barrages is costly. There is no fun in spending hours making making costly explosives and to get little back in return.

Fortunately there is a way around this.

Getting a few stacks of Grease and Demon-Fire Orbs is the simplest and most cost effective way of raiding.

Making Grease and Fire Orbs is simple; The only difficulty is you need is an Alchemist as they provide the recipe for the orbs. Use our Conan Exiles Thrall Map to find one close to your location.

As far as Demon-Fire Orbs – You’re better off killing humanoids. Making them is more difficult than simply looting them.

How to Raid with Grease and Demon-Fire Orbs

Before you stock up on Grease and Fire Orbs, make sure you have a ratio of roughly 15:1 Grease to Fire Orb, you’ll understand why later on.

Whether or not you’re already aware, the combination of these two orbs allows you to burn through buildings at a quicker rate – Sounds good? Well it is, but there’s a certain way of doing it to maximise the effect.

If you nail it, you can do over 20,000 damage to a building piece every 30 seconds. That’s a lot of damage!

Layer the Grease

Firstly the trick is to layer as much Grease on top of a tile as you can within 25 seconds. It takes 30 seconds before the first layer of grease expires so in that 5 second window you need to throw your Demon Fire Orb, otherwise your grease layers start to disappear.

If this is done without interruption you’ll have 14 layers of grease to then ignite. This is important because each layer of grease does more damage than the last.

Burn ’em to the Ground

Right so now you’ve got a lovely 14 layers of grease on your neighbours front door, just throw your Demon-Fire Orb and watch it go up in flames! Between now and 30 seconds you will do 20,666 damage to that building piece…. And the process doesn’t stop there.

When you threw your fire orb it reset the timer for the whole stack so now all you have to do is throw another Grease Orb onto the fire. Each time you throw a Grease Orb it will reset the whole stack again – And it will keep burning at the same rate as 14 grease stacks. Grease Orbs last a total of 30 seconds so around 25 seconds after your last Orb, throw another. Every 25 seconds is around 20k damage.

Important things to know

After the first Grease orb, each additional orb will add 1387 damage. The base damage for the first grease and fire orb is 2637, two grease orbs is 4024, three is 5411 and so on.

If your fire is already burning, throwing grease orbs will not add to the stack it will only reset the timer of the fire. So, for example, if you thew 5 grease orbs then ignited it, it will only burn to a maximum of 5 orbs thrown. This is why it’s best to get the maximum number of grease orbs thrown first before igniting it.

How does this compare to explosive jars?

One single jar does around 10,000 points of damage. 14 Grease orbs and 1 Demon-Fire Orb is double this… add another grease orb and it’s doubled again. Each extra 1 grease orb allows you to do another 20k damage. Using Grease and Fire Orbs is the most efficient and cost effective way to raid someone currently.

What’s even better with this technique is you can select each building piece you want to destroy. Explosive Jars just aren’t this flexible.

So if you’ve learnt anything, get a load of tar, make plenty of grease orbs and knock on your neighbours door.