These Green lumps of rock have finally been released as Obsidian. This has also reminded me to update this article as it was horrifically out of date! As with all gatherable resources, Obsidian is used as an ingredient to make high tier weapons and armour.

Rock? Glass? Or Jadeite? – No, Obsidian

At the base of the new volcano biome the terraforming team has been hard at work because a lot has changed.

You’ll find a path sweeping up to the volcano and notice a very different rock formation in this area. The rocks are green in colour and nothing that anyone has seen before. This is Obsidian! On closer inspection they’re covered with a layer of ash, this ash is also a resource gained when mining obsidian. Ash is used for farming.



I was almost right in my first predictions of what these rocks could be. I said a type of glass – Which is kind of what Obsidian is.

Obsidian weapons are now considered the most highest tier in the game. You should imagine this area being highly contested when everyone wanting this rare and valuable material.