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Fast Travel Controversy: Obelisks & Map Room Recipe Locations

by Will
The Archivist

What began as a quite a controversial move by Funcom it’s now slowly embraced by the Conan Exiles community. The addition of the Map Room and Obelisks have now really changed the way we play the game.

The Map Room Recipe and Obelisks Location

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There are currently 10 Obelisk locations in the game stretched across all corners of the map. You can find these locations above in this article, on the Interactive Map and or Conan’s Compass.

You may only teleport to these locations once they’re “discovered”. This means you have to visit each Obelisk first, before you use your map room to teleport there.

In addition to this, fast travel is a one way thing. You can only travel from your Map Room to an Obelisk and not back. So if you’ve got a cosy base in the newbie river area and travel to The Temple of Frost – You’ll have a long walk back.


It’s worth noting Obelisks have a corruption cloud around them. This means anyone standing with in the area of the obelisk will gain a hefty dose of this purple haze. This is to deter any Obelisk campers who’s intention is to kill any exile stuck with a loading screen.

The Map Room

To get the Map Room Recipe (Cartographer) you must find The Archivist (shown as the recipe book above) who is located in The Archives of The Unnamed City. You can either drop down through a Well into the map room directly or take the more daring approach and straight through the front door. This is also where the Obelisk for the Unnamed City is located.

All you have to do is talk to the Archivist and you will have learnt the feat. Now you just have to try and get out alive.

What does Fast Travel Mean for Conan Exiles?

The same as mounts but without the mount

Fast travel will bring a new dynamic for base building, raiding, PvP and (obviously) travel. The sole reason we now have fast travel is because we can no longer have mounts. So making half of the journey to your desired location instant, will alleviate any bitterness now you can’t ride your favourite Ostrich there.

Strategic Importance

Obelisks are now some of the most strategically important locations in the game. Whilst a corruption area around them might be put off some from camping. It still won’t stop people taking a few steps back and arming themselves with bows. Locations such as Shattered Springs, the Volcano and The Temple of frost to name a few will be highly contested amongst rival clans or players – Due to the value of Black Ice / Brimstone and end game content.

Now these locations are undoubtedly the easiest places any single exile can travel to, expect a fight every time.

Raid Dynamics & Rallying Points

Fast travel can open up different dynamics to PvP and raiding. Before fast travel, if you’re being raided you defend you base to the very end. This is usually from the inside and your attackers can easily trap you. With the addition of the Map Room and fast travel you and your clan members have the opportunity to now either launch a surprise attack or counter your raiders from behind.

Whilst some might disagree, I think fast travel in this sense is far superior than riding Ostriches and Elephants. There is a game for you if you want to do that – It’s called Ark.

They’re Huge!

Map Rooms are either just as big, or even bigger than Vaults. This means players and clans need to incorporate these mammoth structures into their bases. Map rooms are designed to be the centre piece to an exiles home and it will undoubtedly change the way we all build them.

Why did they cut mounts?

Whilst Funcom initially had mounts planned for us, these were unfortunately not possible due to loading speeds. Users with slower/low end PCs and some Console players will find themselves falling off the edge of the map if travelling at a faster pace than sprinting.

Conan Exiles has been built on tiles and each tile slowly loads the closer you get to it. This isn’t visible when playing a normal game, but running at x1000 speed as an admin – You can see this effect.

This is more pronounced if you have a slow machine and running (riding) towards the edge of your map tile at faster speeds. You’ll end up falling off the edge of the map, dying, losing your sh!t and rage quit.

But that could just be me.

At the end of it all, Funcom looked at their cards and played the best one possible – The Ace of Fast Travel. Love it or loathe it – It brings more of a dynamic to the game than mounts ever could.

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To be anounced May 9, 2018 - 6:57 am

No mounts. What about taming animals

Sidra462 May 9, 2018 - 8:42 pm

you want that? play ark. you tame humans – is that not enough?

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To be anounced May 10, 2018 - 7:16 am

Can’t we just have a coupled of goats and a dog or something. You know the usual

To be anounced May 10, 2018 - 7:17 am

I mean You can farm plants but not animals. What’s up with that

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