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My first Experience Inside the Volcano

by Will

It’s a standard Saturday and I’m searching for new locations for the Interactive Map and Conan’s Compass.

As I’m finishing the Northern sweep looking for boss monsters I’ve noticed a new location. In the very North East, just under the Volcano there is a new location point, “The High way”.

At first I thought it was a new cave but it’s actually an instanced entrance. The loading screen popped up and had no idea where it was taking me. After the load and to my complete surprise I found myself in the Volcano! It’s a completely barren area at first I thought there was nothing inside other than the floating obelisk. On further inspection there are Thralls and small Rocknose King type of creatures.

Somehow I don’t think the developers intended to leave this entrance open…

The High Way


Volcano mob

I’m not completely sure if these monsters are just place holders but they’re tough. They also drop skeleton keys as well as demon blood, brimstone and ash.


What’s even more interesting are the thralls in the area. Again, either the devs have been testing and forgot to remove them but the thralls could also be part of the new content. There are some fighter thralls as well as a Cook and several Alchemists – Including level 4 thralls named Sayd Secretkeeper and Ennis the Gobbler!volcansayd secretkeepero

I don’t want to speculate further but these thralls were not aggressive. This could mean the volcano is home to another neutral city. Either way In less than 3 weeks we’ll find out!


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