The Mining Outpost is one of the first small monuments players find when starting the game. This location is home to several loot locations, a recycler and repair bench making this place extremely contested with others.

Mining Outpost Loot and Workbenches

Using the loot map above, you can see there are plenty of low end loot spawns. There can be upwards of three Loot Crates and six Small Loot Boxes within the main warehouse area.

In addition to these, you will also come across the Recycler and Repair bench. The Recycler is found in the middle of the warehouse. This workbench is going to be one of the main reasons why the Mining Outpost is hotly contested in the beginning.

There is always an Electricity Generator around the main Warehouse that is home to three Loot Barrels. These barrels are always random but it’s always worth while checking the location for more loot!

Directly opposite the Recycler you will find the Repair bench. Repairing items is simple and just requires you putting you broken item in the Repair Bench and clicking “repair”. This will your broken item at the cost of some durability – That means eventually it will become unusable if you keep repairing it!

Mining Outpost at Sunset