In your search for Artefacts, the Mask of the Witch Queen will take you deep into the Swamp. During your epic battle to take down the Queen, you’ll fight giant statues and dodge green lasers. This is one of the most interesting side missions in Conan Exiles. It also unlocks the mystery surrounding this Queen which in itself provides a nice little ‘easter egg’ for any Exile.

How to get the Mask of the Witch Queen?

Witch Queen

Whilst other artefact quests require you to gather items around the Exiles Lands. The Witch Queen’s Story is part of a mini-dungeon within the Forgotten City of Xel-ha.

In the very heart of the new Swamp biome you’ll find an instanced location called Palace of the Witch Queen.

Upon entering the palace you’ll walk up a steep set of stairs which leads you to the main hall. Directly opposite you sits the Witch Queen on an intimidating throne made of gold and black marble. As you walk into her chamber the stone door closes behind you, sealing you in with the Witch Queen. The closer you get you’ll notice she is protected by a powerful corruption field, you will not be able to pass this.

It’s at this moment the mini game will start. The Witch Queen will now animate one of the stone statues guarding her. You must destroy this statue in order to progress though this dungeon to fight her.

These statues are huge and bearing very menacing golden halberds. However, they are not as difficult as they may look. Once you destroy the first statue the Witch Queen will summon the next stage of the dungeon.

Around the room are black marble and gold sculptures of the Witch Queens mask. These will start shooting green laser across the room. It is highly advised you avoid these laser otherwise experience an instant death. After surviving the laser barrage the Witch Queen will summon the third and final stage.

This is animating the second statue in room, however this time the lasers are also firing. As long as you can keep the statue in one place the lasers will not interrupt your fight. This will allow you to take him down easily.

Destroying this final statue will allow you to finally face the Witch Queen.

The Witch Queen bears an Axe and is, as expected, much harder than fighting her animated statues. Whist you are fighting her, the lasers are still firing in the background. These are more conserning this time around as the Witch Queen moves around a lot. You need to take care and not stand in the lasers path.

Once you finally slay the Witch Queen, you can loot the Mask of the Witch Queen. There is also another item on her body, the Key to Razma’s Quarters.

The Key to Razma’s Quarters

Razma's Quarters

This is the “Easter Egg” I mentioned earlier. Razma is the poor exile that has been possessed by the Mask of the Witch Queen. This key allows you access to the house she is hiding in. The house is located in the South of the City of the Relic Hunters, Sepermeru. You can tell which house is hers because the door is slightly open. When you speak to her she will tell you her story, there is nothing else to gain other than lore.

Mask of the Witch Queen

“Many Lemurians escaped to the eastern coast of the Thurian Continent, which was comparatively untouched. There they were enslaved by the ancient race which already dwelt there, and their history, for thousands of years, is a history of brutal servitude. – The Hyborian Age

This mask was used by the Witch Queens of Lemura to communicate with their primary deity, Dagon, before their kingdom sank into the ocean during the Cataclysm.

When the Lemurians crossed into the land of the Giant-kings, they negotiated for somewhere to settle. The Witch Queen, weary of the forced exile of her people, helped the Giant-kings to forge the bracelets, originally to facilitate communication between the two races.

Later, this mask possessed the exile Razma, controlling her thoughts and forcing her to start rebuilding the Palace at the heart of Xel-ha. 

This is one of the artefacts required to create the keystone that ca be used to remove the slave bracelet.”

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