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Launch, Changes to the Maps & the Item Database

by Will
warmaker klael

It’s felt like forever but the launch for Conan Exiles is only around the corner! Right now I am the most hyped I can ever be!

The game has changed so much and for the better. It’s recent spike in traffic is only a reflection of how much more amazing it has become. Taking Steam Charts as an example the recent patch has brought 5 times more traffic to the game – It’s only going to be more once released.

With the launch they’re bringing in tonnes of new content and locations. That means I’m going to be really busy. I’ve taken next week off work (Yes I have no life) to start adding new locations to both maps and mapping everything in as much detail as possible.

All new content in the volcano and swamp/jungle will be available on Conan’s Compass. Any additional locations the launch brings to the Desert and Frozen North will be added to both maps.

Mapping in Progress!

The Swamp/Jungle is going to be the first biome I’ll be mapping. I expect it to take no more than 6 hours to map, take pictures and write info on the basics such as resources and thralls. After this I’ll make a start on the Volcano biome and do the same. Once this is done I’ll make another sweep for emotes, recipes and anything else that’s harder to discover.

Item Database

The next task for me is to implement the item database.

Over the course of the development of Conan Exiles I had made a few tables with item and weapon stats but these are always constantly changing. Once the game is launched we will know (finally) what the final stats and requirements for items will be.

Once this happens I’ll be creating a database for everything that will be easily accessed by everyone!

The Final Leg

I keep saying but I mean it, thank you for everyone currently a member. If you’re not already, do so! Get access to the most comprehensive map available – It helps me further develop the site and resource available to you guys and gals.

Praise Crom.

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Megan Robinson May 8, 2018 - 12:44 am

Ahh I’m so excited!

ReallyCritical May 8, 2018 - 5:56 am

It’s an exciting time for us all, Exile!

neutrondonor May 9, 2018 - 4:34 pm

An item database sounds like a great feature, looking forward to it!


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