Everyone experiences coming to a certain point when you feel untouchable. You sit comfortably in your base that you spent dozens of man hours building. You stockpile stacks of Demon Fire, Star Metal Bars, Hardened Steel Bars and an army of worker thralls.

It all seems perfect within your little bubble of protection.

That is, until you log on one morning and sit staring at your screen waiting for your work benches to load. And wonder why the doors also aren’t loading. Then you try and build up the courage to look at your clan log because the doors and workbenches are really just destroyed.

You’ve been raided.

Suddenly the last month flashes before your eyes in a little Conan montage. The good times, the bad times but ultimately, the amount of time down the pan.

This is where you either rage quit the server or start that agonizing process of building everything again.

Or you can go to your safe-house and get going again straight away.

Why build Safe-Houses?

Getting raided is going to happen, that’s an inevitability. I’ve seen the most unraidable base getting totally destroyed through sheer persistence. Even worse is that this group of people put all of their eggs in one basket and lost everything. I sometime see them on steam but they’re never playing Conan Exiles that’s for sure.

If someone wants you wiped out from a server, they will concentrate on it until it happens.

So, whats the most effective way to safeguard from someone doing the dirty on your beloved home? Make Safe-Houses.

Like I said, if someone wants you gone badly enough it will eventually happen. What they’re counting on is that you either quit the server or you never reach your full potential again.

What they never expect is you rebounding almost instantaneously.

Just after you reach that comfortable period when you feel untouchable, you should start thinking about building Safe-Houses.

What is a Safe-House?

It’s what you probably imagine it to be. It’s a smaller base that’s positioned almost on the opposite side of the map than your main base. If you make enemy’s in the south, they won’t necessarily expect you to have a base in the north. Or if you’re based in the North they won’t expect you to have a base in the South.

As I mentioned, just as your reaching that comfortable period and are stock piling all the juicy loot, make another base.

It’s also really important to make it small enough that it doesn’t attract too much attention but large enough that you can use it for that quick rebound.

What do I put in it?

The basic work benches, Blacksmith, Furnace, Firebowl Cauldron and Tannery should be your priority. Then plenty of chests with materials and worker thralls that can help you on the rebound.

In this example, my main base is in the North and I have this Safe-House near the starting location. This allows me to get up and going again as quickly as possible.

What I like to do is also stockpile a lot of Dragon Powder, Tar and Fire Orbs – this allows me to almost instantly start a counter attack.

Should I have more than one?

Absolutely. Safe-Houses are all about spreading your assets around the map which reduces the risk of an all out wipe. I would certainly build two to be safe and in areas far away from your main base.

Are they really worth the extra effort?

Conan Exiles has been out for almost a year and in this time after a raid where you loose everything most people quit. I’m a prime example. In my first few months of playing when I got raided (either glitched or legitimate) I raged in chat and quit playing on the server. I also probably had a break from the game.

Why? If you’re anything like me and putting time into something and making it amazing and then it disappears – It’s frustrating.

Of course getting raided is part of the game and it’s something that we accept. But in most instances none of us really expect it to happen. Having a safe house will absorb some of the shock of losing almost everything and certainly worthwhile.