Star Metal one of the most rarest material in the game. It spawns randomly and requires much more effort to obtain.

Where does Star Metal spawn?

star metal spawn locationStar Metal spawns in the most North Westerly region on the map, just before you reach The Temple of Frost. The blue area in this picture roughly highlights where it can be found.

Unlike other resource spawns, Star Metal’s spawn is a barrage of meteorites from the sky. Not only does it look quite amazing but this gives you some kind of indication of where each meteorite lands – They’re sometimes difficult to locate. This meteorite shower can be seen as far away as the starter location, if you’re high enough.

Where Star Metal falls is, as far as I’m aware, totally random. I’ve found star metal in some odd locations like the sides of cliffs and embedded in statues. I can say with some certainty it’s random.

What does it look like?

star metal meteorite

If you’ve never seen the meteorite before, there’s a chance you might overlook it for coal or a dark rock. The main tell-tale sign that this is Star Metal is that the rock is smouldering. On closer inspection you will see it has a golden sheen with an uneven, cratered surface.

How do you farm it?

If you’ve found a Star Metal node there is one more thing you need to do. The Star Metal ore is encased in the dark smoldering rock – you need to destroy this.

Burn it off

grease and fire orb star metalOne or two fire orbs are enough to remove the outer shell of star metal. Sometimes, depending on where the rock has lodged itself, it can take a few more.

It’s also really important to note there is a current bug that prevents fire orbs from doing any damage what so ever. If you have used 5 orbs with no success – use the below method!

Blow it up
explosive far star metal

Carefully position an Explosive Jar next to the meteorite and shoot with an arrow or just ignite by hand. One Explosive Jar will be enough to remove the shell.

The only downside to this method is that it can sometimes be tricky to position the Jar next to the meteorite. Also using Explosive Jars is much more costly than Grease and Fire Orbs. In almost all cases the simple solution would be to build a sandstone foundation near and place the jar on top of it.

On a x1 server with a top tier, pick you can get around 120 Star Metal ore from one node.

star metal ore

Is it worth the effort?

Absolutely! Star metal is needed to craft the top tier level weapons, armour and tools. I personally use star metal exclusively for my tools and thrall weapons/armour until I find a better legendary item.