How to get the Heart of the Sands?

Unlike the other Artefacts the Heart of the Sands requires you to travel across the exiled lands in search for the three Sourgestone Pieces. Once you have all three Pieces you can then visit Petruso The Sandstorm Maniac in Sandswept Ruins. He then combines the pieces to create the Heart of the Sands.

Sourgestone Pieces

The Sourgestone Pieces will see a budding Exile travel wide across the Exiled Lands. You will need to find and slay the specific person or creature that drops these special fragments. There are three pieces in total:

Jagged Scourgestone Piece

jagged scourgestone pieceThe jagged Sourgestone piece is likely the first fragment an Exile will come across. At the very back of Gallaman’s Tomb there is a large white albino crocodile, this is the creature that drops this piece. The Albino Crocodile is a lot harder than normal crocs, but no where near as hard as a World Boss. With time, a low level Exile could solo this beast but it’s worth bringing a friend. Exiles need to also watch old for other crocdiles in the Tomb because you can easily find yourself swarmed.

Shattered Scourgestone Piece

Shattered Scourgestone PieceThe next Piece, the Shattered Scourgestone, will see you take your travels in the very East on the coast of the Swamp. Here you’ll find Buccaneer Bay. On the beach there is a ship wreck that the Black Hand have started building into. Follow the wooden path into the wreck and continue up into the cliffs out at sea. At the very top there is a Level 4 Fighter thrall. He can be either named, Hekkr Waverunner or Gall O’ The Spear-din. This is who drops the second piece.

Broken Scourgestone Piece

Broken Sourgestone PieceThe third and final piece will be the most challenging of them all. To the very West of Buccaneer Bay, still located in the Swamp, you’ll find a cave called The Passage. The passage is home to a large Sand Reaper Boss which you must kill to get the final piece. This boss is significantly harder than the previous fights in your quest for Scourgestone Pieces but still not as hard as it’s World Boss equivalent.


The Sandswept Ruins & Petruso The Sanstorm Maniac

Heart of the Sands

You now have all three Scourgestone Pieces  there is only one more thing to do. Make your way South where the newbie Desert meets the Swamp and you’ll find the Sandswept Ruins. Fight your way through the Sandstorm beasts and into the heart of this ancient structure. At the very back you’ll find Petruso, speak with him and he will combine the scourgestone pieces into the Heart of the Sands.

Heart of the Sands (Scourgestone)

“He it was who shook down the cliffs at Valkia, by his spells that enthrall the elementals of the earth-he it was who sent the creature of darkness into your tent before dawn. – The Hour of the Dragon.

Long- Also know as the Scourgestone, this unassuming chunk of stone contains the elemental that plagues the Exiled Lands with continual sandstorms.

Enslaved by the Priestking in his desperation to end the war after Shattering on the Plains, he gave it over to the Warmaker to release at the right moment.

When the time came, the Warmaker shattered the stone into fragments and scattered them across the battlefield, freeing the elemental to do its work.

It seemed to work, gathering a gigantic storm that crossed the Exiled Lands, moving towards the city of Xel-ha in the far east.

But the Giant-kings had not reckoned with the power of the human spirit. A lemurian Priest named Petruso went out to confront the sandstorm. Using the power of Dagon, he anchored the elemental controlling the sandstorm to his flesh, preventing it from moving further east and destroying the Lemurian city.

He saved his people, yes, but Petruso paid a terrible price. His sacrifice had not stopped the sandstorm, it had simply put it into a temporal loop. It passed across Exiled Lands, time and time again, stopping when it reached Petruso… then starting again.

Eventually this drove him insane.

This is one of the artefacts required to create the keystone that can be used to remove the slave bracelet.”

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