The Importance of Gallaman’s Tomb

In the Southern Desert near the edge of the newbie river is a cave called Gallaman’s Tomb. This cave is a significant location for more than one reason and a location you can’t miss on the opportunity to visit.

Gallaman’s Tomb is a cave made up of an entrance and two inner rooms. Both rooms are waterlogged and swarming with Crocodiles but they are also rich with brimstone. The cave network is easily solo-able at lower levels but the cave boss may require further assistance.


Gallamans tomb brimstone

Brimstone is one of the most important resources for any budding exile. It’s important because it’s a key ingredient in the process of unlocking higher grade items. Gallaman’s Tomb is a significant source of brimstone and one run can yield hundreds.

You can find the brimstone nodes right at the beginning of the cave but the majority is in the first and second rooms. Farming the Brimstone can be a challenge for lower level Exiles as the cave is swarming with Crocodiles. This makes it significantly more risky than other brimstone locations like Sinners Refuge.


gallamans tomb croc

A cave swarming with Crocodiles never sounds like a good thing. However for a battle hardened Exile it’s just another opportunity. Crocs are not only a great source of experience but they’re also a source of reptile hide. Because you can farm so much reptile hide, you will then be able to use this at a tannery to convert into leather and tar with ease. Tar is later on a very important ingredient for making grease orbs.

Scourgestone piece Location

If brimstone and crocodiles were not enough of a reason to visit this cave, the Scourgestone piece certainly is. If you’re wanting to complete the main quest line in Conan Exiles getting all the artefacts is a must. This Scourgestone piece is one of the first you will come across in your journeys.