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Diadem of the Giant-Kings: Crown of the Barrow King

by Will

The search for artefacts will take you far and wide across the Exiled Lands. In the case of the Diadem of the Giant-Kings, you will find yourself in the Frozen North. You must slay the Barrow King himself  in order to obtain it.

How to get the Diadem of the Giant-Kings?

In order to get this artefact you will find yourself in the far West of the Frozen North in the Mounds of the Dead. West of here follow the pathway leading up to the top of a hill. Once there you’ll see a large stone door, blocking a cave entrance. Welcome to The Barrow King cave.

The Barrow King Cave

The cave entrance requires a specific item in order for you to open the sealed door. Selecting the door will present you with the message “You do not have the required item.”

On the ground to the right of the cave entrance you will find a book. This book provides a clue of how to gain entry to the barrow king. The book reads:

Scholar’s Note

Scholar's Note“I write this, good Drethan, to put to rest your incredulity. I have studied the ruins and stone around this region and I am certain that a great battle took place here.

I have reason to believe I have found the burial chamber of one of the commanders of the battle. Alas it is locked tight by some mechanism and I simply have no idea how to open it.

I have translated the runes around the door to this:

Blood to seal and blood to hold, Blood to warm the dead and cold, Blood to sign the final pact, Blood to seep between the cracks.

Before you ask, yes I’ve tried my blood. And it simply does not open. Perhaps what is buried inside is too different from what we are for this to work.”

If you haven’t already guessed, demons blood is required to open the door. You only need one drop and the door will roll open.

The cave is small and a Giant-king stands tall at the very back, this is the Barrow King. Although he looks intimidating he is relatively easy compared with other bosses. One you slay him make sure you harvest his corpse for the Diadem of the Giant-Kings rather than ordinary looting.

Diadem of the Giant-Kings

Diadem of the Giant-Kings“Kallian Publico believe that it contained the diadem of the gaint-kings, of the people who dwelt in that dark land before the ancestors of the stygians came there. He showed me a design carved on the lid, which he swore was the shape of the diadem which legend tells us the monster-kings wore. – Rogues in the House

Long-Too large to be worn by a human, this disdem hums with contained power. Taken from the Priestking of the Giant-kings – known today as the Barrow King – the story of the diadem is one of  betrayl and hatred.

It seems that the Priestking was the father of Tyros the Deathbringer. Tyros turned against his father at some point during the war between the lemurians and the Giant-kings and his father cursed him, and all of his loyal warriors.

Such is the strength of the diadem, that Tyros and his men were cursed to live forever, a Silent Legion brooding in the ruins of the north.

This is one of the artefacts required to create the keystone that can be used to remove the slave bracelet.”

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