Holy Crap! The surge in support has been overwhelming!

Thank you for all you crazy enough to part from your hard earned cash! It gives me a lot of confidence that what I’m doing is actually useful 🙂

This also allows me to better develop the software, start implementing the community servers and keep the website up to date.

Due to the huge amount of users this website has seen in recent weeks I have also had the opportunity to give back to you guys! I am in talks with Razer, Corsair and Game Spot who can offer exclusive deals for United Members! This was really unexpected and I am delighted this is even a possibility. More info on this, of course, will be available once finalised 🙂

For those still interested become a member and gain access to Conan’s Compass. This pro version of the map the only of its kind that’s completely up-to-date and player run.

You can become a member by visiting Conan’s Compass page and clicking the become a member 🙂

I’ve taken all suggestions on board and have implemented them as such! Keep them coming because it will only get better and better!

Praise Crom.



United Community Servers

Updated 10-05-2018 9:00am EST / 3:00am CEST

I am now in the process of reaching out to current members to learn their server requirements and needs. All current members have been sent an email with a survey, completing this will help me immensely. Once I hear back from around 70% of the members I can start working on setting the servers up.

The first set of servers will be set up based on the majority. After this the second most popular set of servers will be made live.

Read more about it here.

What is Conan’s Compass?

Conan’s Compus is the “Pro” version of the Conan Exiles Map. I just decided to call it something a little cooler and fitting to the whole theme! This is where you’ll be able to find all the latest thralls, resources, creatures and points of interest in the Exiled Lands.

All the most important locations in one place

Here are some of the things you won’t find on the “Lite” version of the interactive map.

Volcano and Swamp Biome

Swamp Biome map

The Swamp and Volcanoe Biomes have been added to the in-game map and I’ve already mapped them for you! It took me a good few hours as soon as the game was launched and I’m pretty sure every location has been mapped. Over the course of the Launch week I’ll be going through these sections with a fine comb to see if there’s anything I’ve missed.

Epic Armour Locations

Epic Armours are powerful armour sets only available at level 60. These are being slow drip fed into the game and current locations have been mapped. Current recipes are gained by finding an armour stand of that armour class.

World Bosses and Legendary Chests

World Bosses are another new addition. Not only do they put up a serious fight they drop Skeleton Keys. Skeleton Keys are significant because they unlock hidden chests around the map that contain Legendary weapons. These weapons are powerful and it should be expected these chest locations are highly contested! Fortunately for you, each location is mapped.


Firstly, yes, that is legitimately Conan the Barbarian in the background… From flaunting your stuff amongst your peers to provoking your arch nemesis – You can be sure you’ll have every expression for each occasion. I’ve mapped each location for every emotion available to you in Conan Exiles. They’re always adding more to be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the map.

Silverstone and Obsidian

Conan Exile obsidianObsidian and Silverstone have finally been added to the game! I wrote an article a while ago after discovering some mysterious green resource nodes and I was sort of right in my “guesstimations” – All current known locations have been mapped and expect more on the way when they release more content!


obeliskWhilst these locations aren’t any kind of secret they’re included in the Compass as a significant part of the game. Obelisks are a fast travel waypoint. Before you can travel to one using your map room you must walk to them and activate first.


Bearer Thralls

bearer thrallBearer Thralls are the most recent thrall addition to the game. Their job is to help you carry resources or large quantity of items that you couldn’t do alone. It’s more than possible they’ll add more to the game but current each location has been mapped.

Thrall Camps

Thrall Camp LocationsIn addition to the various worker thralls i.e Blacksmith and Carpenter – I’ve now included Thrall Camps. Each camp has a picture associated with the type of camp. For example the Darfari camps are pinpointed using the Darfari Voodoo mask. Hovering over these tooltips will bring up a picture of the location as well as the name.

Higher Quality and Better Optimised

When you unlock Conan’s Compass the first thing you’ll notice is there is significantly more detail on the map. The map was made using 25 screen shots and merged together. Each section of the map captures more detail than the first version.

Even though the map is higher quality, it’s size is significantly less. This means loading speeds and any “glitchyness” should have improved dramatically. The Ironstone and Coal tooltips have also reduced in size as they cluttered the previous map somewhat!

In addition to the above, there are over 400 additional locations in Conan’s Compass compared with the Interactive Map.

The Bottom Line

Each day I am adding more and more locations to the map and trying to make it as useful and user friendly as possible. With the release just around the corner I’ve certainly got my work cut out!

Again I just want to say thank you to those who are already members.