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Undergoing weekday stress test. Latest Results looking promising for continued up time.

Update 02-06-2018 23:00 CEST / 16:00 CDT – Still crashing the website. Number of Exiles accessing the map is too high and a huge number of United Members haven’t been able to log in. Complete rebuild is required on free map. I can’t have United Members suffer any further downtime.


Update 21-05-2018 18:50 CEST / 11:50 CDT – Ran some tests, and capacity was reached again. I’m going through and manually removing any unneeded pictures relating to tool tips. Once this is done I’ll put up and see if it can sustain. United Members map is still running as normal.


Update 14-05-2018 22:35 CEST / 15:35 CDT – Servers Upgraded. Working on optimising map to prevent any adverse server load – Almost there!


Update 13-05-2018 08:25 CEST / 02:25 CDT- Likely Coordinated DDOS attacking bringing the Website down.

Not only was the website experiencing the unprecedented heavy traffic, but a group decided to perform a DDOS attack. Good job guys. I hope you’ve accomplish what you set out to do. Not only are you screwing with me but the Exiles who still use the map. This will stay down until the web sever upgrade is in place. Conan’s Compass is working as intended for members. Sincerest apologies to everyone else.




Greetings Exile,

This has been a very exciting and equally frustrating time. I have good news and bad news.

This is the second upgrade to the cloud based plan – The third upgrade in total.

Demand on this website has been unprecedented in the last few days and I’ve been ill prepared for it’s surge in popularity. I never expected United Exiles to be as popular as this. It feels like the whole of Conan Exiles player base is using it 24/7. At one point a DDOS attack was considered.

I have already upgraded twice since the release but there’s been so much traffic hosting providers have urged I speak to them to avoid any further downtime.

Downtime is something I want to avoid at every possible cost.

Due to the volume of Exiles visiting the site, we both agreed on a sturdy, robust cloud based plan.

The cloud based plan is a good thing for everyone! Once it’s implemented functionality, speed and usability will increase across the board! Making United Exiles a better place not just for the members, but visitors also.

I put the order in for the plan an hour ago and it will take up to 2 days to complete.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is the page that is causing all the problems (this one) needs to be TEMPORALLY suspended until the new hosting plan is in place. This seems like a really scumbag move and I can honestly relate as to why but it’s priority for me to keep the website up for the current members.

Conan’s Compass should now be unaffected and running as normal.

For the mean time this map needs to stay down until the new hosting plan is in place.

I sincerely apologise.







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  • there are 2 black hand camp spots that can spawn any 3 of the first religious priests. one is at the bottom deck of the pirate ship. the other is at a medium sized 10 man or so camp nw of the ship.

  • great job! I suggest if you can and have the resources to make a downloadable version, possibly an app. put some work into this and I would pay a $1 or maybe just put ads on it and make that bank like the dododex. Nothing like they for conan yet and with the release coming soon its good to get this started now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Ha, thanks man. Well this is the plan to take it as far as possible. I love the game and would love to run the No.1 Fan and resource site ๐Ÿ™‚

  • At freyas hut – the blacksmith will spawn a Nordheimer IV blacksmith. Dont know how often.
    At the tre Towers, the Alchymist can spawn as IV. Dont know how often either.
    I believe at this time they are the only IV spawned in the north.

    Also i have a location for blackice you missed north of the Black keep. I can mail you some pics if needed. Could not attach here.

  • Also i have locations for Nordheim and Cimmerian Berserkers, and a Named Nordheim Warrior Called Liam.

    Believe there is a named female somewhere to, But havent found her.

  • Most helpful map i found yet. Did you know there is a small brimstone deposit east of the ship around the tall trees?

  • First of all Love your map!! Want to help you add one to the map that was over looked. There is a carpenter at The Den. He is stationed by the scaffolding working directly south west of the dancers very small distance though you can almost see him from the fire the dancers are by. He is LVL 3 with a chance to spawn LVL 4 from my experience. Thanks again for this its BAD A**!!!

  • Hey there,

    Watch Towers: The Priest can potentially be a Tier 3, only found a woman so far, no clue if male ymir t3 exist


    The stygian armorer to the southwest of the city can be a Rank 4: Diana Steelshaper or Than Hammerblow
    The smelter just above them (2 packs north) can be Daya Leaddrinker (Rank 4)
    The Set Priests can potentially be arch priests afaik

    The stygian cook III in the middle of the city can be Bragoras the Baker, Rank 4

    2 of the Dancers in the middle of Sepermeru can be Luba the Luscious or Thutmekri the Dramatist (Rank 4)

    • Hi Mate. Obelisks will be added next week. They are currently only available on the Pro-Version

    • Thank you for the kind words Thod. I’ll be adding a few new locations to this version next week. Keep those eyes peeled!

  • Simeon needs to read up on what a DDoS attack is. He either doesn’t know or is confused between DDoS and DoS.

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