Brimstone is one of the most valuable resources in the Conan Exiles universe and because of this, it’s comparability sparse. In this article you will learn, where to find it and what it’s used for.

Brimstone Locations

Sinners Refuge

Brimstone in The Sinners Refuge

The first and easiest place to pick up Brimstone is the Sinners Refuge. A handful of Brimstone nodes can be found in the entrance and first room. The majority of Brimstone is in the last room of the cave.

The only monsters you’ll encounter in this cave are humanoids but these are easily taken care of.

Once you’ve mined every node you can usually walk away with around 300 brimstone (x1 server).

This could be subject to change however as they’ve recently removed several nodes from the first room – This could happen again.

Galliman’s Tomb

Brimstone in Galliman's Tomb

East of Sinners Refuge is the Galliman’s Tomb which is another source of Brimstone. This cave has around three times more brimstone but is swarming with crocodiles and you can sometimes get zerg rushed by them.

To add to this, this cave is also the spawn for the “King” Crocodile at the very back of the cave.

Be extremely careful! If you’re a low level or lack the hp and or armour – he will kill you in one bite!

This cave can provide upwards of 1000 brimstone (x1 server) in one run. This of course can vary slightly depending on your RNG when mining.

Shattered Springs – Best Location

Shattered Springs BrimstoneIn the very west, this location is the best source of Brimstone in the game. As you expect because of this it’s heavily guarded by plenty of mobs. Rocknoses and Locusts are a pain however the world boss is the worst offender.

To make things worse, you need a sandstorm mask to farm the area properly. The fumes from the sulphur slowly damages your hp and it stacks overtime. It is possible to quickly run in and out and hit a few rocks without dying or taking much damage. Although it’s easier to just get a mask.

Slightly different to the usual yellow rocks, the source is the jagged spikes coming out from the ground. If you look around you will notice there are loads – Expect to leave with around 4000 brimstone (x1 server) if you’re lucky enough to have the whole area to yourself.

Deathwhisper Ruins Caves

Brimstone Location in Deathwhisper Caves

While this place provides around 400-500 Brimstone on a x1 server it has more risk than shattered springs.

Unfortunetly it’s overrun with spiders which can sometimes overwhelm you with poison. If that wasn’t bad enough there are also skeletons in the middle of the cave network. Even though this is a source of Brimstone, I would avoid this cave in favour of Galliman’s Tomb or Sinners Refuge.

Far East Sea

Credit to community member, Gnome, for finding this. Launch has brought us the Swamp land to the east which is connected to the sea. Whilst swimming around you will see sulphur vents bubbling gas from the ocean floor. Around these vents is brimstone.

Monsters that drop Brimstone

On the very odd occasion you can get Brimstone from Trolls, Undead Shalebacks, Rocknoses and Fighters/Archers in camps above Darfari. While you still get the occasonal brimstone drop, it’s much more efficient to mine the resource from a nearby cave.

What is Brimstone used for?

Brimstone’s primary use is to create Steel Fire. In combination with Tar and Coal at the Fire Cauldron, you create Steel Fire which is used for making Steel Bars as well as Dragon Powder and Hardened Steel Bars.

Without Brimstone you will not be able to progress onto the higher crafting tiers and due to this, its one of the most contested resources in the game.

In Summary

We now know that you can find Brimstone in three main locations and various monsters. Sinners Refuge provides the least risk but also the least rewarding of locations. The Surfer Lakes provide the most Brimstone but obviously there is a lot of risk involved, not only limited by monsters but people too.

Rocknoses are the preferred monster of choice for farming but this is still inferior to visiting any one of the caves.

The best source of Brimstone in the game is Galliman’s Tomb. Considering the risk vs reward, this cave is right in the middle. Most of the time you can leave with around 1000 brimstone (x1 server) in a single run which is more than enough in most instances. You also have the added bonus of not having to deal with spiders, rhinos skeletons and or Locusts.