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Ale, Wine and Mead: United Exiles Guide to Brewing


Craft beers aren’t just reserved for hipsters – how do you think a budding exile is supposed to relax these days? Before we get into the real detail of brewing our mead, ale or wine we need to make sure we have all the right ingredients. Read further to be enlightened.

How do I make Ale, Wine and Mead?

Fermentation Barrel

Brewing becomes available at level 37 through the Brewing feat. You can find this in the Survival tab and under the Primitive Cook section. Other than the level limit, the only prerequisite to unlocking your craft beer empire is learning the Fluid Press feat beforehand.

After making a Fermentation Barrel you can load it with your ingredients and make as much booze as you can stomach!


Before you start brewing, you need to stock up on certain ingredients in order to make your favourite drink. Below are some of the most important ones.

Leavening Agent

Leavening AgentThe Leavening Agent is the most important ingredient because all Brewing recipes require it. Leavening Agent is only found in the Frozen North and is much rarer than the other plants. It’s much taller and slimmer than other plants with white blossoming flowers at the top.


HopsHops is an ingredient when making Ale. Hops can only be found in the Frozen North and is in somewhat of plentiful supply. It is more commonly found in the grass lands of New Asagarth than the bleak hills of the Mounds of the Dead. A hops plant is greener and rounder than other bushes in the area.

Desert Berry Pulp

Desert BerryDesert Berry Pulp a drink made by crushing desert berries in the fluid press. These are only found in the Desert portion of the map and growing by all sources of water. Put the desert berries in a fluid press and it will make the drink automatically.

Highland Berry Pulp

Highland BerryThis is created in the exact same process as the Desert Berry Pulp, however in this instance you use Highland Berries instead. These are readily available in the Frozen North. Any bushes you gather from will provide you with Highland Berries.


Bee HiveIf you’re not a fan of the bitter taste of the Ale or the full bodied flavour of the Highland Wine, you can opt for something a little sweater! Honey is an ingredient required to make Mead. Honey requires no traditional farming, rather you just need to build Bee Hives. These automatically make Honey and you’ll be in good supply in no time.

The Pros and Cons of Getting Drunk

bonusesDrinking booze in Conan Exiles isn’t just a social activity. If you believe it or not there are bonuses to chugging several flagons of mead!

Warming Up / Cooling Down

The first noticeable side effect of drinking mead, wine or ale is the effect it has on your temperature. This is a straight forward bonus to your cold protection or heat protection. This will make living conditions in harsh areas more bearable. For example, Mead warms you up while Ale cools you down, likewise with the Wines. Ones that are made in the North will provide a Warming bonus whilst the ones made in the Desert will give a Cooling bonus.

Increased Vitality +3

After 3 drinks you would have given yourself a +3 bonus to vitality. This bonus lasts up to an hour, even after the effects of drunkenness have gone.

Increased Strength +3

After 5 drinks you will have given yourself a +3 bonus to your strength! This will last up to an hour – Sounds good right? Don’t get carried away just yet because now you are drunk.

Being drunk means you now have a stamina degeneration, once your stamina is gone you can’t do anything. You need to wait until these negative effects wear off.

At 5 drinks you also get Alcohol Poisoning which is a degenerative effect on your HP. At first it starts at 5 damage every 5 seconds and goes up by 3 damage each consecutive drink.

The Final Chug

There is no need to drink more than 5 types of alcoholic drink as there are no further bonuses. The +3 Strength and Vitality you gain from drinking booze is very significant and I can the majority of Exiles becoming functioning alcoholics. Now grab a chair with me, these lands aren’t such a bad place after all.

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