The search for Black Ice will take you to the most Northern part of Conan Exiles – take a look at our map for all the spawn locations.

In addition to the Black Ice nodes in the mountains, The Temple of Frost is highlighted as a place for Black Ice and currently the best place to farm it. What you’ll also find within the Temple is the Black Ice Smithy which allows you to create Black Ice tools and weapons. The downside to all of this is the Temple is guarded by Frost Giants and they’re not for the faint hearted!

What is Black Ice used for?

black ice

Black Ice is the equivalent to what Steelfire is at the lower levels – It allows you to craft higher tiers of weapons and armour. In this case, 2 Steel Bars in combination with 1 Black Ice and 1 Steelfire in a furnace will create a Hardened Steel Bar.

With Hardened Steel Bars you will then be able to create Hardened Steel Armor, Hardened Steel Weapons and Tools. Last but not least Hardened Steel is used to make Acheronian weapons which are currently the best in the game.

In addition to the weapons, armour and tools, Black Ice is also an ingredient to Black Ice-Reinforced building materials.

The Black Ice Smithy

black ice smithy

Guarded by three Frost Giants, the black ice smithy is where you can craft the black ice weapons and tools. Before you can craft these, you now need to be level 50 and have learnt the Hardened Steel feat.

Once you have this you must learn the black ice recipe in the other room with in the Temple of Frost before you can craft in the smithy. In addition to Black Ice, you need Shaped Wood to make the tools and weapons. It also takes 3 minutes to craft each time so make sure you kill the Frost Giants before you start crafting!

Is it hard to reach?

conan exiles black ice

The Temple of Frost is certainly a challenge to get to but the Black Ice nodes in the hills and mountains in the North are easily accessible to everyone. For example around level 30 I was able to run to the nodes on the North East of the map without any problems. Each time I could mine around 800-900 Black Ice and bring it back to my base in the desert.

The only real problems I faced were wolves and dire wolves as sometimes they can zerg you quite easily.

Final Thoughts

temple of frost


While Black Ice is a necessary resource to the top tier equipment, it’s actually extremely easy to farm and find (once you know how.) In my example above, 800-900 of black ice is plenty and you can easily live off this amount for a week or two. It starts to become important if you want to build with Black-Ice Reinforced building materials where you will need considerably more.

This is where you’ll likely take a trip to The Temple of Frost with a couple of buddies and leave with 8,000 Black Ice each.

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