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Fallout 76 at the Bethesda 2018 E3 2018 Media Briefing

by Will
fallout 76 E3 2018

Pete Hines was the man at centre stage to introduce Bethesda’s highly charged E3 2018 Media Briefing. It was a very powerful introduction that seemed to be dropping me a lot of survival bombs. As he mentioned that the “Theme this year is Create” which couldn’t help me start guessing already. He then dropped that “You have your own stories, games and experiences” and here I am, sitting at the edge of my seat at 2:30am on a Monday morning waiting for the highly anticipated survival themed game.

Fallout 76 at E3 2018

Fallout 76 open world

After several games and nervous presenting Pete Hines was back on stage to put me out of my misery and finally get to the reason why everyone was watching, Fallout 76. Introducing, Tod Howard, the Executive Producer at Bethesda. He came onto the stage to finally open up on this new Fallout game with a possible survival, open-world twist. Tod did not disappoint! I love you Tod.

Online Survival Confirmed!

He opens “Fallout 76 is a prequel of all other games, four times bigger than Fallout 4. Set in the Hills of West Virginia, you are first to emerge into an untamed waste land.”A video follows to show example of game play. Que shooting, beautiful landscapes and the hype within me building to unseen levels. The world looks completely stunning and something players can really immerse themselves in. Then it came, what we were all waiting for:

“One big difference in the game is that each of these characters is a real person. Fallout 76 is entirely online” to the cheers of the crowd, and me for that matter; That’s all the confirmation that I wanted – Online Survival Fallout – I can’t wait!

Build your own Homes

fallout 76 building

An example of a player made structure.

You can build anywhere in this beautiful world and the examples shown in the game look really impressive and not out of place in the slightest. Building a base doesn’t stop there because now you have to defend it. Other than players, you also have to fend off what seems to be a “Purge” mechanic similar to Conan Exiles. By the looks of it you will be under regular attacked by monsters. So keep your base defended and it will survive for days to come!

Launch Nuclear Missiles at your Neighbours!

fallout 76 nuclear missiles

Launch them at anyone!

Fallout 76 also includes multiple nuclear weapon sites on the map and the players have complete control of them! These sites require you getting several parts of a Nuclear Launch code to plug into the machine which lets you to fire a missile anywhere on the map! After the bombs drop not only do they completely annihilate the area but the resulting fallout will see rare materials spawned.


Fallout 76 Release Date

In true Bethesda fashion, they have announced, already, the release date already. Fallout 76 is released in November 14th 2018! This has been extremely fun to watch and I am only counting down the days until release!




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