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The Best Way to Farm Oil In Conan Exiles

by Will
Farming Oil

Prior to the 2.1 update, farming oil was simply about waiting for fish to fill your traps and a quick trip to a Fluid Press. It was probably the least time intensive task for an effective fuel source and basic crafting ingredient. This has all changed since 2.1 was rolled out at the end of October and not only is oil harder to farm it has a much more important role in Conan Exiles.

What’s Changed?

Passive fish generation no longer exists and is the reason why oil can be hard to come by. Oil is still used as a source of fuel however it now plays an extremely important role when creating Epic Heavy Armor Sets.

Hardened leather is the main ingredient when creating Epic Heavy Armor and requires 5 oil for each piece. If you factor this in when creating a full set of Epic Heavy Armor you will need 750 oil for each full set. Using a Garason Armour’s Bench reduces the cost to 525 oil per set. In the late game when Heavy Armor becomes more important for you as well as any thralls you have, you’ll be looking at 10,000+ oil regardless of where you make it.

Currently there are two ways of farming oil.

Option 1 – Fish Traps and Seeds

Fish Trap

Farming fish for the oil press is still one of the only ways but with the added work of finding bait. Handful of Insects, Bees and Fat Grubs can be used as bait, putting them in your traps will start a crafting timer for your fish. The ratio is 1 bait for 1 fish.

Hacking away at bushes with a sickle is the best way of getting Insects to start with but can become time intensive until you have Star Metal tools. Whilst chopping down bushes you will get seeds which can also be put into a fluid press to get oil, the ratio for seeds to oil is 15:1. It’s not much but it does make a difference.

A more passive way of getting bait is farming Fat Grubs. When you build a Compost Heap and make Compost, Fat Grubs slowly spawn into the inventory slots. Eventually they will stack to a maximum of 50 per Compost Heap. It takes around 6 hours to have 50 stacked so the more compost heaps you have, the more Fat Grubs.

If you scale this process and create a dedicated Fat Grub farming house (50+ Compost Heaps) next to your fishing spot it become much more time efficient than chopping bushes.

Option 2 – Level 4 Alchemist

Tier 4 Alchemist

Having any Named (Level 4) Alchemist is when Oil no longer becomes a problem. Every Level 4 Alchemist has a recipe for Oil with the ingredients of 1 Bark and 1 Ichor gives you 5 oil. Bark and Ichor are both incredibly easy to farm and so much time is saved when you have a Level 4 Alchemist.

The only downside is that they’re very rare and only spawn in the North so it can sometimes take a while to find one.


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