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The Best Gaming Microphones for Twitch Streaming in 2018

by Will
best twitch streaming microphone

It is a necessity for you to have a powerful and useful microphone for your gaming demands. A great microphone provides you with the ability to communicate with other people while playing a game or with others that you want to talk with on a streaming communication platform. Here I review some of the top, most used branded microphones.

The Best Gaming Microphones for Streaming

This guide includes details on what to look for in a microphone for gaming and streaming purposes. You will also learn about some of the best models around.

Why Get a Good Microphone?

best streaming microphone

Audio Quality

Audio quality is an important feature any serious gamer would must attention to when looking for a microphone. You must be capable of communicating with team members when playing online. You need to stay in touch with the competition or the members of your team.


In addition, communication during a game makes the experience more exciting and real. Irrespective of how great a team player you are, you will not succeed as long as you are unable to communicate with your team while playing. Therefore, you must have an effective microphone that makes it easier for you to interact with other people while playing your game.


The same applies to those who stream content online. You need to engage your audience, keep them entertained, and make sure they keep coming back to your website or channel for more content. It is difficult to achieve this if you do not have a good microphone. Proper vocal delivery is key to success when chatting with others.

This guide goes into full detail on all the way how a quality microphone can work to your benefit. See what this report has to offer to give yourself a clear idea of what you can do with a microphone.

8 Best Microphones for Streaming

This listing of the best microphones for your use includes a diverse array of choices. In this section I am reviewing the 8 microphones that I consider the best available to gamers:

  1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone
  2. Razer Seiren Pro
  3. Fifine K670 PC Microphone
  4. Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB
  5. Blue Snowball USB Microphone
  6. Antlion Audio ModMic
  7. Tonor PC Microphone USB
  8. Samson Go Mic Portable Travel

This list gives a look at not only the premium microphones but includes the cheaper options as well. These are listed in order of value.

Blue Yeti USB Microphone

blue yeti gaming microphone

This first choice is one of the best microphones you can get for streaming and gaming use. One thing that the manufacturers did so well with this microphone is packing a lot of features in it.

As the name of the microphone model suggests, this Blue Yeti microphone links to your devices through a USB port, thus making it very easy to use. This also saves you time with trying to get this onto a more complicated interface. Of course, the fact that your computer probably has multiple USB ports all around its body makes it flexible in its installation.

This microphone is designed with tri-capsule array technology. This is an innovative technology form where the presence of condenser capsules allows you to use the microphone without worrying about noise or disturbance.

Blue Yeti’s use in Streaming

This microphone is also very adaptable. This particularly applies to those who stream content online. The lightweight body adds a good surface while the unit can be positioned in many spots and angles to capture your voice without being too close. You will also notice that even when you are slightly far from the mouthpiece, you will barely notice the difference in the sound quality. The receiver picks up audio from the microphone quite well.

Additional Features

Some of the other features you will appreciate about the microphone include a mute button, a gain control setup and zero latency headphone output. You can switch between four pattern modes which allow you to get quality recordings irrespective of the environment or the background where you are recording. These are Bidirectional Mode, Omnidirectional Mode, Cardioid Mode and Stereo Mode. Each mode is programmed based on how well the microphone can take in sounds with an emphasis on finding out where the sounds it receives come from.

Compared with the rest of the microphones that you might find in the market, this microphone offers the best performance for its price. Other than that, it is also available in multiple color options, which means you can get one that suits your style and personality. You can choose the microphone according to your needs, or the space/setup you have on your desk, and it will still serve you well. It is compatible with Mac OS X10.4.11 and above, plus Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Since it is a plug and play microphone, installation and usage should not be a problem.

View the Yeti on Amazon

Standout features:
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Variety of recording modes
  • Value for money, considering the price

Razer Seiren Pro

Razer Seiren Pro gaming microphone

This Razer microphone is another standing model. This is designed with studio recording needs in mind, but it may also work for gaming intentions. This microphone features professional studio sound quality, which means you receive and produce HD quality sound. It is ideal not just for gaming online but is also a useful companion when you have to record the best quality audio. This does exceptionally well for online video as the small body will not stand out in your image.

4 Adjustable Recording Configurations

What makes this microphone stand out? It is a USB digital multi-pattern microphone with insane recording capability. You will enjoy four adjustable recording configuration patterns thanks to the tri-array custom condenser capsules. It features a headphone amplifier built into the microphone, which itself is complete with zero latency output. This is helpful when monitoring your stream in real-time.

Customise Sound Filter

When recording a speech, you can turn your work into an incredible masterpiece by filtering all the parts of the audio that you do not fancy, thanks to the high pass filter switch. You can also link your microphone up to an advanced mixing board. This allows you to create a connection that chains different instruments and microphones together. You may use this in a group chat to make it easier for you to interact with more people at a time.

A circular receiver feature can be added to the front part of the microphone as well. The receiver adds to the space that you can speak into and offers an extra bit of coverage. The setup can work quickly and is easy to plug into the main body and to remove. The microphone will immediately start reviewing the sounds from the receiver after you plug it in, thus reducing the risk for a delay.

The Razer model is a light microphone that weighs only 2.9 pounds. You do not need a microphone stand to use it since it can securely sit on any device. The aluminum base acts as a good stabilizer absorbs vibrations. You can also connect it to a pop filter and shock mount. The shock mount will help in stabilizing the microphone, while the pop filter helps you achieve zero hissing.

View the Seiren on Amazon

Standout features:
  • High definition studio quality recording
  • Zero latency output headphone
  • Plug and play microphone

Fifine K670 PC Microphone


This is a 16mm diaphragm condenser microphone. The design captures realistic sounds without distortion. The solid mesh covering is dense enough to keep background noises from being picked up by the unit, thus ensuring everything you say into the microphone is crystal clear.

The physical design uses a flexible metal stand. The stand keeps the base of the microphone a few inches over the surface. The microphone can be tilted up and down to your liking.

Detachable Stand

Also, the stand is detachable with three separate parts. You would screw the parts alongside one another on the same base. This allows you to adjust the height of the microphone stand from about 1.97 to 4.65 inches. The stand will not get in the way of the plug needed to keep the microphone functional. You can adjust the height based on how well you can reach the microphone and also to ensure the standalone unit will not get in the way of the screen while streaming something.

The bottom part of the microphone includes a small port that leads to a USB cable. The cable is about six feet in length and has a double-shielded body, thus creating a secure sound setup.

A 3.5mm headphone jack is included on the side of the microphone. The input lets you listen to whatever you are recording in real time. The small blue light on the main base lets you know when the microphone is on.

Great Volume Control

The volume control on the main body of the microphone lets you adjust the sensitivity of the unit as you listen to it with your headphones. You can use this feature to identify how well sounds are coming through, thus keeping you from producing noisy sounds that might crackle or otherwise be tough to utilize. The design also lets you know what the optimal volume for hearing yourself might be, a point necessary for seeing how well others can listen to what you are recording.

A versatile flat frequency response from 50Hz to 15kHz is included. The response supports multiple sounds to produce a better connection all the way through.

No drivers are needed when trying to get the microphone ready. This is also compatible with most operating systems and video game consoles. You can also link this microphone up with any major audio recording software program you have to use.

Standout features:
  • Plug and play layout
  • Works from 3 to 5 inches away from you
  • Sturdy USB cable connection
  • Flexible for most recording applications

Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB

Audio-Technica ATR2500-USB gaming microphone

Audio-Technica is a company that produces microphones that are trusted by major public ceremonies and for events within the United States Congress. The company brings its experience with producing quality microphones to the home with the ATR2500-USB cardioid condenser microphone.

The microphone uses a USB port to link to your computer or console. The extensive frequency response range from 30Hz to 15kHz ensures more unique sounds can be received and played back as you use the microphone.

The large-diaphragm side-address condenser provides you with more space to speak into when recording a podcast or when speaking on a stream. The side-address layout allows you to tilt the microphone into the direction of what you wish to speak into, thus producing a precise recording setup. You can use this with a heavily focused direction to ensure outside sounds will not be a threat provided you organize the microphone correctly.

The polar pattern on the cardoid has a dense setup that keeps background noises and sounds from getting into the sides of the microphone as well as the rear area. The layout prevents the microphone from taking in more sounds than what you can afford to handle.

A headphone plug is included in the microphone to let you hear what you are saying with no delay. A volume control is located near the plug to keep the sounds at a volume to your liking.

A three-legged stand is used on this microphone. The stand features feet that grip onto the surface of whatever it is you place the microphone on. The unit will not shift around while you are speaking or if you are doing something else on your desk. The tilting feature lets you move the microphone up or down as required.

The AD convertor on this microphone works with a 16-bit rate to produce dynamic and accurate sounds. The setup quickly moves your analog sounds into a digital format to be read on a computer. You can use this feature alongside any major audio recording software you can get on the market today. This is a simple setup that offers a fast and easy to use body for any intention you hold when getting online for streaming or gaming use.

Standout features:
  • Quick USB link
  • Easy to brush off
  • Compatible with all major operating systems
  • Reduced self-noise for digital recording

Blue Snowball USB Microphone

blue yeti snowball gaming microphone

In addition to making the Yeti, Blue also has the Snowball USB microphone in its array of products. The design comes with a circular look with a tripod support featured to keep the microphone in its place as you record things off of it.

The design has a fancy look that is reminiscent of what you might have seen in the olden days of radio. But the classic design is also paired with all the modern technology you would expect to find out of a microphone. The unit consists of a small switch and a plug that links to a USB cord. The design lets you start recording content quickly.

The microphone’s programming is also compatible with most audio control programs on your computer. You just have to adjust the microphone settings through that program as you see fit. This works for both any specialty programs you have installed and for the default program that is already on the microphone.

A pattern switch is featured on the back part of the microphone. The switch operates with three individual settings. First, you can use the cardioid mode that works for podcasting and other vocal-based interactions. The microphone will record sounds that come directly in front of its unit. This allows for a basic recording setup to start working in a few moments.

The second setting is a cardioid mode with a -10 dB attenuation feature. Designed with louder sounds in mind, the microphone will take in those louder sounds without producing crackling effects or distortion among other threats.

The omnidirectional mode is the third choice to look at. This takes in sound equally from every direction. The setting is best for ambient uses when you are trying to get every sound playing in a local area.

This microphone links to your computer through a basic USB plug. The dual capsule design also takes in sounds accurately and records your voice clearly from various directions. This produces an even layout for taking in sounds effortlessly and quickly.

An optional pop filter can be added over the surface of the Snowball microphone. The filter can be mounted onto the base surface to keep the microphone functional without risking popping or cracking effects while the microphone is in use.

Standout features:
  • Brilliant brushed aluminum design
  • Plug and play layout
  • Quick response setup
  • Suitable for all major recording intentions

Tonor PC Microphone USB


The last of the choices to look at is this Tonor model. Available in a black or silver color, the design features a tripod stand that keeps your microphone upright. The tripod has feet that will not slip around as you use the device.

The condenser microphone uses a USB link. The double-coated USB cord is a little less than six feet in length, thus ensuring you have more control over how well the microphone can be placed in a spot. At around five ounces, the microphone and accompanying stand are easy to move around.

An omni-directional pickup interface takes in more sound. The pickup rate is the same regardless of where you are in relation to the microphone.

The frequency response goes from 50Hz to 16kHz, thus making it more responsive to most sounds it takes in. The sensitivity of the microphone ensures it can pick up on even the minutest sounds you produce. The design still keeps background noises from being a threat.

In addition to having a tilting head, the tripod stand comes with a rotating base. It moves at a 360-degree angle, thus giving you the option to move the microphone around while recording something. This feature works well in situations where several people are in a room and you need to positive the microphone to pick up what those people are saying. Best of all, the rotating base absorbs the sounds you produce while moving it around, thus keeping the microphone from recording them and playing them back.

The dense body of the microphone shield keeps outside sounds in the background from being picked up all that easily. The unit also links up to your computer or console fast and will be read by any major audio engineering program you wish to use. This produces a dynamic layout that is easy to support without complications.

The technology is exceptional, but you can also find this microphone at a cheap price. The small body of the microphone keeps it from requiring too many technical features, thus providing you with a good bargain. This microphone works well for people who are new to the recording field and need something to start out with when streaming things or recording podcasts.

Standout features:
  • 10-foot recording range
  • Can swivel at 180 degrees on the tripod
  • Works with most video chat programs
  • Plug and play support

Antlion Audio ModMic


If you have ever found yourself in a situation where you are playing online with your friends, got ambushed by the enemy, but are unable to ask for backup because of a lack of proper communication, you need to get yourself this attachable microphone. This links up to most headsets with a simple hook-like setup.

One of the key features of this microphone that makes it a must-have is the voice capture feature. Voice capture is an innovative feature where background noise gets filtered out. Therefore, in case you need to shout for backup, your cry for help will be distinct. The cover over the microphone ensures that only the things closest to the receiver are taken in. Therefore, your voice is always the first thing to be captured.

This device is compatible with all types of headphones in the market. It is also easy to connect. You just attach it to the device and it is ready to go. This also comes with an additional in case you intend on switching the microphone from one headset to the next. The design lets you be more flexible when getting it to move about.

The design is unique and made to last long. It is flexible and has numerous add-ons that make it one of the best devices to work with. It is a unidirectional microphone, with one of the best noise cancellation features you will find on a model.

You do not have to struggle with background noise at all, which means that you can also go ahead and enjoy playing online, and appreciate all the gaming sounds and sound effects. Installation is very easy, and it is a perfect choice when you need a microphone for multiplayer games. The quality is impressive, making it ideal for a noisy environment, and VOIP office calls.

Standout features:

  • Has a variety of convenient add-ons
  • Flexible and durable design
  • Easily adjustable
  • Works with all earphones and headphones

Samson Go Mic Portable Travel

Samson Go Mic Portable

The next microphone to look at is this option that comes with a fully portable layout. The small USB-powered condenser microphone is intriguing for how it comes with a small body that fits in your hand and yet is useful for recording needs. You could even use this for streaming while on the go or for when you are playing a game on a smaller laptop device.

This microphone is so light you can either have it on the desk or clip it on your laptop while you go about your work. Other than that, it is a light microphone, making it portable and convenient to carry on your travels.

Most people would worry about a microphone that is as light as this one is, and easy to carry around, because of vulnerability to damage. However, this is not the case with Samson Go. It is specifically designed to withstand the pressure of constant movement. However intense the gaming sessions are, you can always count on this microphone to withstand the pressure. The steel body keeps its features intact.

Affordability is one other thing you will love about it. You are getting a quality microphone at a price that is so unbelievable. When you are recording using this microphone, it filters most of the background noise to give you the best sound quality you need for gaming, or for your online streams. You do not have to worry about distortion anymore. The integrated receiver ensures that the content coming into the microphone is filtered well enough to keep outside sounds from being a hassle.

This device will pick up loud sounds clearly because it is a condenser microphone. The frequency response is also great, meaning that it will pick up low sounds as easily as it picks up on loud sounds. This is a feature that sets it apart from most of the other microphones you will find in the market in its category.

The audio clarity is good, within a frequency response range of 20 Hz – 18 kHz. This is why you get to enjoy the finest audio quality. It is a good microphone for voice chats when you are playing with a team. It is also perfect when recording YouTube videos for your online stream, or any other form of media that might need you to use a microphone.

The audio quality of this device is always reliable and clear, while the quality of sound reproduction can only be associated with what you find on professional microphones. With this device, therefore, you are getting the quality of a professional microphone at the price of a budget microphone.

You can enjoy using this microphone not just for gaming online, but also for recording podcasts and live music. If you have any device or app that uses voice recognition software, the quality in this microphone makes it a worthy candidate, or if you need something for VOIP calls.

Standout features:

  • Travel-friendly and portable
  • Quality output, perfect for recording sessions
  • One of the most affordable quality microphones
  • Compact design

Buying Guide

The microphones you have read about here are all helpful for your needs, but you must also look at some points about them all that make each one different and distinct. This buying guide will help you figure out what to get in a useful microphone.

When you are shopping for a microphone, there are a couple of factors that you consider. Three things that matter when making this choice are your preferences, your frequency of use, and your budget. Irrespective of whatever other reasons you might consider, these three are key to choosing a microphone that will suit your style.

How Is the Microphone Laid Out?

The layout of your microphone is the first feature to review. You can choose either a standing microphone or an attachable microphone.


An attachable microphone that links to a headset may be utilized. This provides you with the freedom to move around as you please. You can adjust your microphone with ease too. However, this might be too distracting and could be too close to your mouth if you are not responsible. This microphone style works best for gaming use.

Attachable microphones stand out for being not only affordable but also convenient. More often, you will attach one of these microphones to your headphone set to make it functional. You can still use the setup while detached as and when you need to.

Most of the attachment microphones you find will not pick up on keyboard noise or mouse clicking. The microphone should be far enough from other parts of your computer as you use it anyway. A cover over the receiver on the microphone should also keep those distant sounds from being noticed.

But you must watch for how well you control your breathing and speech when using an attachable microphone. A major problem with these microphones is that they pick up on heavy breathing and words that you speak strongly or emphasize. As a result, the level of distortion might just be as high as you might experience with a cheap-grade microphone model. This issue should not be a problem for you if you have a pop filter though. Because of this, these microphones are recommended for gaming only, but not live streaming.


A standing microphone is perfect if you do not move often while gaming or streaming. This is better for streaming purposes as it does not have to be in the way of your camera. However, it will be right in your face whenever you sit down at your desk, and this might be a nuisance in some instances.

Standing microphones are a little more technical in their layout than attachable ones, thus making them some of the best-quality models you can get today. You will see a lot of them in use by professionals in different fields. Standing microphones are refined and look polished. The sound quality is also clear even in some of the most intense situations. The directional support offered by one of these microphones adds for something that is easy to control.

Even though these standing microphones are used by professionals and are the best on the market, you can still find them at varying prices. Some microphones might be more affordable than others, so it helps to show around to see what’s available.

One thing you will like about them is that you do not need to have them very close to your lips in order to pick sounds clearly. You can affix them to any surface or desk and still get the best results. They do this by filtering background noise out, leaving your presentation clear. This is why they are perfect for live streaming and voice chats, although a standing model can still work for gaming.

Don’t forget that a standing microphone can plug into your computer in one of many ways. Some microphones can use the basic audio jack on your computers. Others might require a USB link. Watch for how well you can get your microphone connected to your computer when aiming to get more out of your setup.

How Is Noise Handled?

Noise can be a disruption that makes it harder for your microphone to work accordingly. Excess noise can come from ambient sounds in your area, the clicking of your keyboard or controller, or even your own breath when you are not trying to say something. Don’t forget about the noise from conversations you are having with someone else in the room.

Consider the amount of noise the microphone can pick up. Look for a model that absorbs noise well and prevents it from being heard.


You must see how well you can adjust the microphone. This includes moving a standing unit around or how you can add or remove an attachable microphone to a headset.

Your desk setting will vary based on the kind of games you play or how your streaming setup is organized. You might have a few other items on your desk, thus making it tough for you to get a microphone added into a spot. A standing microphone would have to be placed on some part of your desk for it to work. Think about how you will adapt to the microphone while still being able to use the items that you need to constantly get access to. Be aware of how well the standing microphone can be adjusted around your desk as well.

Your ability to add a microphone onto a headset is important too. You must see how well it can link through a port whether it is on the headset itself or through a port on your computer.

In terms of adaptability, you should also consider different scenarios wherein you will use the microphone. You need a microphone that is suitable and reliable in multiple conditions. It should be adaptable under any circumstance and can also deliver quality audio without interfering with the content delivery.

Review the Flexibility

Microphones have different configuration settings. Since you will be using the microphone for different things from time to time, it would be wise to find one that is flexible with all your uses. Several things can be reviewed based on how flexible a microphone is:

Review a stand or base.

A shock-proof base may be utilized on your microphone. The base prevents vibrations from your actions from impacting how the unit works.

See how far you can place it from your mouth.

An attachable microphone is fine if you are going to have the microphone a few inches from your mouth. A standing model works best if you need something that goes at least six inches away from your lips.

Regardless of what you choose, make sure the microphone has a pop circuitry feature. This is helpful in filtering noise from your breathing.

Check on how well you can position yourself when using the microphone.

Most people speak into their receivers while seated upright. Constant movement might interfere with the ability of the microphone to take in sound. Don’t forget to see how a microphone will allow you to get into the right position.

What Is the Cost?

Of course, the price is one of the first things that anyone will think about before they select the microphone that is ideal for their gaming and streaming needs. There is always the obvious urge to try and squeeze out as much as possible in terms of quality while paying the least possible amount.

The best thing you can do when buying a microphone is to start out small and work your way up as things change. You can start with a cheaper microphone at the beginning and then move on to something that costs a little extra.

Don’t forget about your personal budget. How much are you comfortable spending on your equipment? There is nothing wrong with forking out loads of money for the best microphone on the market if you are comfortable with doing so. However, if you are struggling financially, there is no need to commit yourself to something worth $150 when you can make do with something worth $40.

Are Budget Microphones Any Good?

You might find some budget microphones on the market today. As the name suggests, the key factor for these microphones is the cost. Many budget microphones are attached directly on your gaming headset.

You can also clip a low-cost unit on a set of headphones. You would have to plus the microphone into your computer and then link to the headset.

Be aware of how well the sound quality on one of these microphones works. The sound quality on cheaper models is not always the best, though that does not mean every low-cost one is cheap. They offer the bare minimum in terms of audio transmission.

One of the biggest problems that people have with these microphones is the fact that they can easily pick up on background noise. People don’t use cheaper microphones for live streaming purposes either because of the constant risk of distortion.

Other Features

You have to look at a few extra things before you settle on a microphone for your games or streaming needs. The following features are some important factors you must consider for your work:

  • Frequency – The frequency response range is one of the most important features. A lot of microphone manufacturers tend to exaggerate their range, however. The frequency you need is between 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • Simplicity – You should try and steer clear of microphones that are too complicated. For gaming and video streaming online, you need something simple. If possible, get a plug and play microphone, something that will seamlessly connect to your system.
  • Suitability – Think about your playing environment. This will affect the quality of audio, and more importantly the durability of the microphone.
  • Noise reduction – Noise reduction is another feature that you will appreciate. It is, something you appreciate with lavalier microphones because you can clip them on your clothes, in the process reducing the ambient noise.
  • Direction – An omnidirectional microphone would be perfect, given that they are designed to detect your voice even when you are not speaking directly in front of the microphone. At the same time, a unidirectional microphone will also be helpful if you want to filter out noises in the room. They only capture voices from one direction. This means that if you aim it at yourself, it cannot pick up sounds from other people in the room with you.
  • Warranty – Of course, you are buying a gaming microphone that should serve you for a while. For this reason, a one or two-year warranty from the manufacturer is not too much to ask.


Having looked at some of the features of different microphones and a few pointers on effective use of the same, the Blue Yeti model is a definite choice. Most gamers find this microphone coming in handy for communication with their team members. It is also useful when recording live streams. It is, perhaps, the best microphone you can get, considering the price at which it is available. It has also been one of the best sellers in the industry for a long time, which further explains why buyers always have it on their shortlist.

But any of the microphones on this list will surely be intriguing to look into. All the microphones that have been discussed herein are perfect for playing with a team online or recording audio for some other reason. In fact, you can barely go wrong with any of these options, either in use on your desk or for personal use.

In case you need a microphone for live streaming, you should remember to factor in the audience. The microphone you use will, almost all the time, feature in your broadcasts. In case you have the flexibility to do so, find a microphone whose design is suitable for the kind of presentation style and theme that you are making. Whatever you find, you will have to look at what is useful for your demands.

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