The Abandoned Cabins is the most recent monument added to the Rust environment. The Cabins add a crucial part to early game with the addition of Loot, Medical and Food Crates. The location also has the added bonus of drinkable water which benefits anyone who decides to make home near by.

Abandoned Cabins Loot

There are four known loot locations at the Abandoned Cabins with each Cabin home to two loot boxes each.

In the larger Cabin you will find two generic Loot Crates. The first can be found on the ground floor whilst the other is on the first floor. The smaller Cabin provides you with a Medical Crate Spawn on the outside and a Food Crate inside.

Make sure you use the interactive map above to find the specific locations.

Drinkable Water

Surprisingly the water surrounded the Abandoned Cabins is actually drinkable. You wouldn’t immediately assume this is the case but it is and further adds to the supply of fresh water in Rust.

Abandoned Cabins