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A Victim of its Own Success

by Will

Greetings Exile,

This has been a very exciting and equally frustrating time. I have good news and bad news.

This is the second upgrade to the cloud based plan – The third upgrade in total.

Demand on this website has been unprecedented in the last few days and I’ve been ill prepared for it’s surge in popularity. I never expected United Exiles to be as popular as this. It feels like the whole of Conan Exiles player base is using it 24/7. At one point a DDOS attack was considered.

I have already upgraded twice since the release but there’s been so much traffic hosting providers have urged I speak to them to avoid any further downtime.

Downtime is something I want to avoid at every possible cost.

Due to the volume of Exiles visiting the site, we both agreed on a sturdy, robust cloud based plan.

The cloud based plan is a good thing for everyone! Once it’s implemented functionality, speed and usability will increase across the board! Making United Exiles a better place not just for the members, but visitors also.

I put the order in for the plan an hour ago and it will take up to 2 days to complete.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is the page that is causing all the problems (the interactive map) needs to be TEMPORALLY suspended until the new hosting plan is in place. This seems like a really scumbag move and I can honestly relate as to why but it’s priority for me to keep the website up for the current members.

Conan’s Compass should now be unaffected and running as normal.

For the mean time this map needs to stay down until the new hosting plan is in place.

I sincerely apologise.



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